Excerpts from WBAY.com:

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton seeking unpaid overtime compensation, unpaid wages, and other damages.

The suit filed Feb. 29 in federal court claims Pierce unlawfully shaved 10 minutes of pay from each day by not paying workers for a 10 minute break.

The suit was filed on behalf of Eric Ehmann and a group of current and former non-exempt production employees and cites Fair Labor Standards and Wisconsin’s Wage Payment and Collection Laws.

CLICK HERE to read the lawsuit.

The claim says Pierce owes some workers back pay for 50 minutes of overtime per week for the past several years. Workers are scheduled to work more than 40 hours a-week, which qualifies them for time-and-a-half.

No specific dollar amount is given in the lawsuit.  It demands a jury trial.

According to John Daggett, Oshkosh Corp.’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, “This matter relates only to Pierce and to policies that are no longer in place there.”

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