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Carpentersville Fire Department news

Excerpts from on August 18th:

John-Paul Schilling is out as Carpentersville’s fire chief, officials announced Wednesday. According to a brief statement, Schilling resigned. He was hired as fire chief in June 2016.

Battalion Chief Rick Nieves has assumed the role of interim chief and he declined to comment on Schilling’s resignation.

Schilling is the village’s second top public safety official to resign this year. In March, Police Chief Patrick Hoey was replaced by Deputy Chief Todd Shaver.

At the time, the village manager said the village was moving in a different direction and thanked Hoey for his service and wished him well, and that Schilling’s resignation did not involve any severance package. He added that the village hopes to have a new chief named as soon as possible.
And from the

Former Elmhurst Fire Chief Bill Anaszewicz, who left suddenly in early April, will become the fire chief in Carpentersville starting on Monday.

Anaszewicz was only chief for six months when he submitted his resignation letter April 4, saying he was retiring effective immediately and that he was dealing with family medical issues.

In a news release five days later, the city did not say Anaszewicz was retiring, but rather that he was resigning after finding a new employment opportunity.

Carpentersville, in suburban Kane County has about 10,000 fewer people than Elmhurst.

Anaszewicz and city officials never explained the chief’s quick departure.

In a statement to the Carpentersville Fire Department, interim Fire Chief Rick Nieves called Anaszewicz a “bright and experienced firefighter and leader.”

Anaszewicz has 29 years of experience as a firefighter, 26 of them in Elmhurst.

Last October, Anaszewicz was appointed as the chief after serving as interim chief for a year and a half.

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Elmhurst Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Elmhurst Fire Chief Bill Anaszewicz has left after 27 years at the fire department.

In a brief news release Tuesday afternoon, the city announced the exit of Anaszewicz, calling him the former chief. It said Anaszewicz resigned from his position after finding a new employment opportunity, which the news release did not detail.

According to the release, Richard Dufort was appointed as the interim fire chief. He is a 30-year veteran of the department.

Anaszewicz became the permanent chief in October after a unanimous city council vote. He was the acting chief for a year and a half.

Anaszewicz’s predecessor, Tom Freeman, also left quickly. He gave four days’ notice before retiring in 2021, though he praised the city government in his resignation letter. 

In December, some city council members pondered scaling back the fire department.

In 2021, the city council majority clashed with the firefighters union over advanced life support equipment. Firefighters wanted such gear on city fire trucks, while aldermen said it was enough that the city’s private ambulance service had it.

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