From Steve Redick:

Since it seems I’ll never see a fire again as they have been virtually eliminated here in Chicago I got sentimental and wanted to share some classic old images I came across….
  • The first is a rare shot of a smoke ejector working .. this is way before the recent rebuilds … you can see the smoke issuing from the top of the unit where the fan discharge is …
  • Next one is squad 2 … (not FMS 2) but they were reusing the old squad rigs when we had a squad in each district and they only had a few of the Ford Welch units
  • A shot of truck 25 setting up a ladder pipe … can’t recall the location but I seem to remember it being a Chinese restaurant of some kind
  • Niles Truck 440 … this was in the 6300 block of Touhy, and ironically enough I took this photo standing on the front lawn of the house I would eventually buy …
  • Elk Grove Village, classic tiller .. gotta love a Mack Pirsch anything!!
  • Niles, IL buggy … I always liked the two Borealis lights, but these were the newer model, not the old classics we are all thinking of … cool none the less
  • Not sure if I took this last one .. (might be Gordon Nord’s photo) … old Brookfield Seagrave engine


Chicago Fire Department smoke ejector

CFD smoke ejector 9-2-2. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department Squad 2

Former CFD Squad 2 was previously a Flying Manpower Squad. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 25

Setting up the ladder pipe on CFD Truck 25. Steve Redick photo

Niles Fire Department

Niles Truck 440, a custom Pirsch 100′ tractor-drawn aerial. Steve Redick photo

Elk Grove Village Fire Department

Elk Grove’s Pirsch TDA with a Mack CF tractor. Steve Redick photo

Niles Fire Department

Old Niles Ford Bronco. Steve Redick photo

Brookfield Fire Department

Seagrave engine from Brookfield FD. Steve Redick collection


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