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Crestwood is now on the site

Crestwood Fire Station

Crestwood's fire station featuring apparatus bays on two sdes.

Many thanks again to Dennis McGuire, Jr. and Karl Klotz for supplying the images to post another department in Division 22. The Crestwood Fire Department has one station with three ambulances, two engines and a truck representing several manufacturers. They have a full-time chief and 25 part-time firefighters covering a little over three square miles. Their rigs are black over red.

Crestwood Fire Department engine 2323

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CFD gives engine to Dixmoor

The Chicago Fire Department gave a retired engine to The Dixmoor Fire Department in Division 22. The 1992 Spartan/Luverne 1500/500 was assigned to Engine 30 before going into the pool of spare engines.

Dixmoor IL engine 43 formerly Chicago Engine 30

Engine 43 in Dixmoor was formerly Engine 30 in Chicago. It is a 1992 Spartan/Luverne 1500/500. Photo by Karl Klotz

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updated station photos

Karl Klotz has again stepped up to fill in the blanks – this time he supplied a station photo for Merrionette Park to add to Dennis McGuire, Jr’s rig photos and  CFD firehouse photos for Engine 65 and Engine 120.

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Merrionette Park begins Division 22

Merrionette Park is the first department to be posted from Division 22. Apparatus images were provided by Dennis McGuire, Jr. and one in particular has a very interesting history. Truck 2614 was previously in service with the Pennsville Fire & Rescue. No. 1, (New Jersey) after leaving service as 1 of 2 Mack Bulldog aerials purchased by the FDNY in 1982.  At the time, LTI was building aerial ladders and fabricating bodies for other fire service manufacturers.  Mack was supplying engines to New York, Baker was building the Aerialscope towers on Mack chassis and FNDY was purchasing rear mount ladders from Seagrave.  In an attempt to capture more of the FDNY business and to expand their overall product line, Mack teamed up with LTI and marketed a private label aerial called the Bulldog I and II Series. LTI built the ladder and body which were mounted on a Mack chassis. “The Bulldog I Series offered midship ladders, rear-mounted ladders and TDAs…The Bulldog program did not prove overly successful with 25 aerials being sold before Mack ceased production of fire trucks in 1983.” (excerpt from Aerial Fire Trucks by Larry Shapiro, MBI Publishing Company.)


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