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Countryside training with new rigs

The Countryside Fire Department in MABAS Division 4 has been hosting several days of training for their firefighters and neighboring departments as well. Countryside has two of their new units working at the training site. These are the IHC/US Tanker 2,000-gallon tanker (tender) and the IHC/Rosenbauer Timberwolf interface engine. Dan McInerney forwarded several images from Wednesday’s work.

Dan writes the following description about the training:

It’s in a two story house on a five acre plot. The house was built in 1948. It is masonary construction with lathe and plaster over true dimensional lumber. All three Countryside (CTYD) shifts will participate Wed, Thu, and Fri. The CTYD POCs will train Thursday night. Other depts: Lake Zurich, Wauconda, and Lincolnshire – Riverwoods, are sending an engine each day with their on-duty crews. Water is being “tendered” in and drafted out of a portable tank by the wildland engine for the primary attack hoselines, and off the tender as a secondary/backup water source. Evolutions are consisting of hose advancement and fire attack. Due to the construction of the house, the fire evolutions are pretty good and so far the upstairs rooms have withstood a tremendous amount of abuse. They sure don’t build them like this anymore! Also, as an interesting side note, there is a house on an island in the middle of Countryside Lake that we will eventually burn down, but not train in.  It is only accessible by boat!

Countryside FPD IHC Rosenbauer interface engine

Engine 415 is a 2010, IHC 4400, Rosenbauer, Timberwolf, interface engine with a 1,250-gpm pump and 750 gallons of water. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Timberwolf US Tanker tender

This photo shows Tender 411 and Engine 415 at the portable tank in preparation of supplying several hand lines for companies working at the fire. With the rear pump design of the engine, the drafting is done from the rear. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside Rosenbauer Timberwolf engine

A rear view of the new Rosenbauer engine show the pump and operator's panel which are located at the rear of the unit. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker dumping water

Tanker 411 dumps it's tank, via a side dump valve, into the portable tank to enable drafting operations from the engine. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside FPD Pierce Dash engine

Countryside's Engine 411, a 2001 Pierce Dash 2000/1000/30 was also at the training site. Dan McInerney photo

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Chicago 2-11 alarm fire in Rogers Park

Fire broke out in a three-story apartment building this afternoon around 1PM in Rogers Park. First arriving units reported flames through the roof. Shortly thereafter the 9th Battalion requested a Box Alarm  and then a 2-11 as fire involved units on the second and third floors of the building at the corner of Newgard Avenue and Northshore Avenue. Tower 21, Truck 47, and Truck 25 had their aerials deployed in addition to multiple ground ladders. Engines 59, 70, 71, and 102 (running with a spare #D546) were all pumping.

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Tower 21 in sector 1 had to fight with some trees to reach the building. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Truck 47 was setup on the corner of sectors 1 and 2. This is one of the oldest Pierce ladder trucks in the city. It was purchased along with Truck 52, and both were delivered in 2000. There were no orders for additional Pierce units at the time. Chicago also received nine E-ONE ladders and an American LaFrance/LTI tower ladder that year. Trucks 47 and 52 have the only Pierce ladders that were painted white. All of the subsequent purchases including the tower ladders were painted gray. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Engine 59 was also in sector 1. They run with a 1998 HME SFO/Luverne engine. This series of engines are unique to Chicago in that their water tanks actually hold 535 gallons instead of the customary 500 gallons. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

The north side of the fire building (sector 2) runs along Northshore Avenue. This access made it easier for companies to through multiple ground ladders without having to navigate a courtyard or gangway between two buildings. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

One of the CFD chaplains is Rabbi Moshe Wolf. Rabbi Wolf is known throughout the CFD for having pockets full of candy which he hands out at fire scenes. Here he is performing his signature service. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

A small gallery of images that were taken after the 2-11 was struck out can be seen HERE.

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Chicago apparatus on-scene

Oak Park firefighter Dan McInerney submitted several recent images of CFD apparatus at two different incidents.

  • The first images show T29 and E113 at a still alarm at 5148 W. Madison on 11/4/10. The fire was in the grease chute of a one story 75×35 restaurant. One line off E113 was used.
Chicago Fire Department truck 29

Firefighters guide Truck 29's main to the roof at 5148 W. Madison Street yesterday. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 113

One line was used off of Engine 113 for a grease fire at this restaurant yesterday. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department ruck 29

Truck 29 operates with a 2002 Pierce Dash 100' rear mount aerial with shop #E303. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 29

The medium duty Pierce aerials which are in Chicago's fleet require only one set of outriggers. The tip load is rated at 500 pounds. Aerials with heavier tip load capacities require additional jacks. Dan McInerney photo

  • The next images are of CFD T28 at a still at 2015 N. Elston. Fire was in a rooftop ventilation unit of a large factory complex. Two lines off E30 were used.
Chicago Fire Department truck 28

CFD Truck 28 is deployed to the roof of an industrial building at 2015 N. Elston Avenue. An interesting note about the CFD E-ONE aerials for historians or those interested in trivia is that for each of the nine units made in 2000, the three-digit shop id# (E287 for Truck 28) is the same as the last three digits of the E-ONE shop order number (so121287 for Truck 28). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 28

Chicago Truck 28 runs with one of nine E-ONE Hurricane 100' rear mount aerials that were delivered in 2000. Unlike the Pierce units, these operate with two sets of jacks. These rigs and ladders are made of aluminum. Dan McInerney photo

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Lockport reserve truck refurb

Lockport Lt. John Mathews has provided us information and a photo of their 1999 Pierce Dash quint which recently came back from being totally refurbished by Pierce. This is the reserve ladder truck which is housed at Station 6. Some of the work that was performed includes:

  • complete disassembly, sanding, and repainting of the aerial
  • the aerial was white and is now silver
  • all new electrical wiring, steel cables, and wear pads
  • new ladder signs to match the tower ladder
  • updated graphics
  • the stokes basket storage box was updated to match the tower ladder
  • complete body repaint

The unit is lettered as ‘Truck Company’ without any specific numerical designation

Lockport Township FPD Pierce Dash quint Truck 5

Truck 5 before the refurb.

Lockport Township FPD Pierce Dash reserve ladder truck

The Reserve Truck Company after being refurbished by Pierce

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New order for North Chicago

The North Chicago Fire Department in Lake County is expecting delivery of a new engine this coming January. Evidently we missed announcing the order previously. They  have a Pierce Custom Contender engine on order that will feature a 1,500-GPM pump with a water tank for 1,000 gallons in addition to a 30-gallon foam tank. Similar to their 2009 Pierce tower ladder, the new engine will be painted black over red. When this unit goes into service, they will dispose of Engine 1514 which is a 1986 Pierce Dash.

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Lake Villa is on the site

Lake Villa Fire Department patch

Another Lake County (Division 4) department has been added to the site. The Lake Villa Fire Department/Lake Villa Fire District/Lake Villa Rescue Squad is an interesting marriage of resources and organizations. Together, they currently occupy three fire stations in Lake Villa and Lindenhurst. The downtown station and most of the apparatus assigned there is owned by the Lake Villa Fire Department which is a private organization. They do their own fundraising in addition to being paid for contract services from the Lake Villa Fire District. The other two stations and the fire vehicles in them are owned by the Lake Villa Fire District. The ambulances in all three stations which are white and blue, are owned and staffed by the Lake Villa Rescue Squad.

Lake Villa Fire Department station

The Lake Villa Fire Department station which has been expanded three times since the original building was constructed. Photo by Hank Sajovic

The Lake Villa Fire Department station in downtown Lake Villa is an interesting building which has had three separate additions built over the years. The building now has eight bays. Each two bay addition has an engraved stone with the year of that particular addition.

Lake Villa Fire Department Engine 241 Pierce Arrow XT

All of the fire suppression equipment with the exception of a 1973 CF-Mack/Welch was made by Pierce. This includes four engines, a pumper/squad, a 105′ ladder, and two tankers of which all but one are on Dash chassis. The newest piece is a 2009, Arrow XT engine at station 1.

Lake Villa Rescue Squad Ford Osage Type III ambulance

The rescue squad currently has five Ford/Osage Type III ambulances which are painted in the traditional rescue squad color scheme of blue and white. As mentioned in a previous post HERE, there are two new ambulances on order and they will be red, and lettered for the Lake Villa Fire District as are the current units.

Lake Villa Fire District Mack CF Pierce engine

Lake Villa Mack CF Pierce engine

The Mack/Pierce engine shortly after it was purchased. It was Engine 2420 at the time, was purchased by the FIre Department and did not have the Wil-Burt Nightscan mounted on the roof. Lake Villa had been a Mack customer for many years. When Mack stopped building fire trucks, many of its customers continued to buy the CF chassis with other companies completing the unit. Lake Villa's transition to Pierce began with this unit. By the time they were ready to purchase their next vehicle, Mack was no longer offering the CF chassis. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Annandale, NJ Mack CF engine

This engine from Annandale, NJ is an example of a four-door fabricated by Mack. The rear doors are recessed, flat, and cover the step. The engine was originally built in 1981 and was updated and refurbished in 1996 by The Swab Wagon Company. Larry Shapiro photo

There are three rather uniquely interesting units on the roster in Lake Villa. One is a 1933 Pirsch antique that’s in great shape. The other two units are a throw back to a time when all of the Lake Villa engines were built by Mack on CF chassis. They have a 1973 CF-Mack that was refurbished with a new body complete with high-side compartments by Welch, and the other is a 1989/1990 CF-Mack/Pierce combination. One trait which makes this unit especially nice is the four-door conversion which was fabricated by Pierce. When Mack enclosed the CF cab with four doors, the rear doors were flat, straight, and set in from the contour of the body by several inches. Pierce fabricated the enclosure using a set of front doors for the rear of the cab which kept the same contours and body lines of the cab from the front to the rear.

Lake Villa Fire Department 1933 Pirsch antique

Lake Villa Fire Department 1968 Mack CF engine

This is one of the CF Mack engines that preceded the Pierce units in Lake Villa. Engine 621 as shown here was built in 1969 and carried 750 gallons of water with a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

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Countryside FPD gives old tanker to Libertyville

We mentioned previously that the Countryside FPD in Lake County recenlty received a new IHC/US Tanker HERE and HERE, and that the disposition of their old 1988 Pierce Dash tanker was unclear.

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found the following article in Libertyville edition of the TRIBLOCAL that can be seen HERE with photos. The article answers the question.

Countryside gives Libertyville Fire Department used tanker for free

theBy Amy Alderman, TribLocal reporter

Countryside Fire Protection District in Vernon Hills is giving Libertyville Fire Department a 1988 tanker known as a water tender, which carries 2,500 gallons of water.
Through the third mutual aid agreement between the departments in five years, Libertyville agreed to continue to assist Countryside at emergency calls in exchange for the used truck.

“We never had a water tender in Libertyville,” Fire Chief Rich Carani said. “But the Libertyville fire protection district covers Mettawa and Green Oaks— a lot of areas that still don’t have fire hydrants, mostly on the northern border and southeastern border. So the need for a tender is there, but we couldn’t justify the need for a new one.”

Libertyville has used neighboring districts’ water tenders six to ten times a year on average, Carani said. However, the neighboring districts assist each other at an average of 300 fire alarms, car accidents rescues and structure fires a year, he added.

Although the old water tender will be given to Libertyville for free, maintenance is expected to cost the village about $1,000 a year, Carani said.

Following the recent purchase of a new $250,000 water tender, Countryside Fire Chief Jeff Steingart said he didn’t even stop to think about looking up the value of the old water tender in order to sell it.

“We probably would have sold it, but we saw this agreement as having more value,” Steingart said.

The two department chiefs began discussing the exchange about a year ago, when Countryside started looking for a new water tender.

“We had a conversation about sharing resources,” Steingart said. “They have it for first responses, and we have it as a back up water tender.”

This kind of partnership isn’t new to either district.

“Basically over the last several years — many years, actually — Libertyville, with all their neighbors, has reciprocated back and forth with responding to calls at certain buildings and areas,” Carani said.

In 2005, Libertyville bought a squad truck, which is also used by Countryside through a mutual aid agreement. Both departments agreed to respond to every structure fire in each district through the second mutual aid agreement in 2007.

Steingart pointed to last week’s barn fire in Wauconda as an example of pooling local resources. Thirty fire protection districts responded to the call of flames traveling to three barns due to high winds, and 14 water tenders were pooled to put out the fire. No people or animals were injured.

“These mutual aid agreements get us the resources we need, while kind of being boundary free so the closest fire station responds,” Steingart said.

Editor’s note: When the tanker is lettered for Libertyville, we hope to get it photographed and added to the website in the station where it is assigned.

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New US Tanker for Countryside

Countryside FPD US Tanker

The new US Tanker in Countryside has a short, single axle, IHC 4400 chassis and carries 2,000 gallons of water. The body is stainless steel. Larry Shapiro photo

The new unit for the Countryside Fire Protection District has been added to the site. Although it is not yet in service, the new Tanker 411 will replace a 1988 Pierce Dash unit with a top mounted pump, open jump seats, a 1,250-GPM pump and a 2,500-gallon water tank. The old unit is going to be housed in Libertyville where it will be available for Libertyville to use or as a backup for Countryside.

The new unit utilizes an IHC 4400 2-door cab on a short chassis with a single rear axle. The pump is 1,000-GPM, the water tank holds 2,000 gallons of water and there is a 30-gallon foam tank with Class-A foam. The 1,000 foot capacity hose bed will have 700 feet of 5″ and roughly 600 feet of 2-1/2″ hose. There will be a 200-foot 1-3/4″ crosslay and somewhere between 200-300′ of 3″ hose as well.

Countryside FPD US Tanker

This rear platform is for safe loading of hose. The non-skid surface is open to allow water to drain through it. Underneath the arrow stick is a backup camera. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker

Remote controlled chutes are on both sides and the rear. THe side chutes extend out from the body. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker

The rear has a ladder to reach the hose loading platform, an arrow stick, backup camera and NFPA chevron striping. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker

Tanker 411 has a 30-gallon foam tank and a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside is expecting a new GMC/Horton ambulance and an IHC/Rosenbauer Timberwolf interface engine in August.

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Clarendon Hills is added to Division 10

Clarendon Hills Pierce Dash Squad

Clarendon Hills becomes the third department posted in Division 10. This single station department is staffed by 56 part-time & POC firefighters. They have a full-time chief and a full-time fire inspector. This is one of the few area departments left which uses the white over yellow paint scheme, and unlike the others Clarendon Hills uses silver instead of gold to decorate the apparatus. Many will remember their Mack heritage which has now given way completely to Pierce. They run an engine, squad, ladder truck and an ambulance.

Clarendon Hills Mack CF Pierce TeleSqurt

This Mack CF/Pierce/50' TeleSqurt unit is no longer part of the fleet. It was the last of the Mack units purchased. Larry Shapiro photo

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Deerfield is updated

The two stations of the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District in Division 3 were posted last year sometime but there were several blank placeholders representing missing apparatus. In the meantime, they received a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT engine. All of the images for Station 20 have now been updated representing the current status for the apparatus. Station 20 has two ambulances, two engines, a truck, a squad, a battalion chief and a utility (not pictured). At the present time, the unit shown for Engine 20R is a 1991 Pierce Arrow. This rig is currently the backup engine while the department is having paint repairs done to the pair of 2002 Pierce Dash engines over the summer. Engine 19 and the unit which will become Engine 20R are sister units which will go out for body work one at a time. When both are back in town, the  1991 Pierce Arrow will be sold off and the 2002 Pierce Dash which was assigned as Engine 20 will become Engine 20R.

Deerfield Engine 20 2009 Pierce Arrow XT

Deerfield's newest engine is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Engine 20 2002 Pierce Dash

This 2002 Pierce Dash which is currently out for body work will become Engine 20R. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Engine 20 1991 Pierce Arrow

This 1991 Pierce Arrow is currently assigned as Engine 20R until the two 2002 units are both back in service. Then this engine will be sold off. Larry Shapiro photo

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