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New truck for Niles

Niles Truck 2 (the Pierce TDA) has been out of service for several months. The aerial portion of the unit was deemed to be unsafe. They have been running with Quint 2, the 75′ Pierce quint (X-North Maine) or with the TDA as a service truck only. Niles has been searching for a replacement unit from the available manufacturer demos and by looking at used apparatus from around the country. At one point they had the 2008 E-ONE CR100 truck in town that Oak Lawn had traded in, but that unit didn’t work out. They have recently purchased a used Pierce 105′ rear mount quint from a department in Ohio. This unit is reportedly at the Niles Public Works being prepared for service. When more information about it’s previous owner and photos are available we’ll update the post.

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New home for Oak Lawn truck

Karl Klotz has informed us that Anne Arundel County Maryland has purchased the former Oak Lawn E-ONE truck 3.  It will be assigned to Truck Co. 31.

Oak Lawn FD EONE truck

Former Truck 3 from Oak Lawn, a 2008 Cyclone II CR100 rear mount aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Lawn firefighters spec’d out this truck during the term of an interim chief. When a permanent chief was hired, a decision was made that a 75′ quint would better serve the fire department’s needs.  This unit was taken out of service along with the 1991 Pierce Lance HDR and both were offered for sale. Truck 3 as it is pictured here was in service for only a few months.

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