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Video from 1993 features CFD

John Tulipano found this video of a ride-along from 1993

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Historic fire service videos feature CFD

Chris Ranck found several videos highlighting days gone by in Chicago

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Video from 1993 features CFD

This from Eric Haak:

Found this on YouTube.  It was posted recently.  There used to be just short clips of this but this is the entire episode.  Very entertaining and I  wanted to share it.  Also interesting to listen for some of the editing mistakes.  There were a couple of times that companies were talking on the radio but you know that they weren’t at that fire because of it’s location.

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Historic fire service video features Evanston FD

This from Steve Gutzmer:

David Lewis, curator of the aurora regional fire museum, posted this on his Facebook, thought it might be of interest with all the shots of old Evanston station 1 and the old rigs.

Steve Gutzmer
Aurora Fire Dept


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