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Of interest … CPD officers injured at fire scene

Excerpts from

Two Chicago police officers were among three people injured around 9:15 p.m Monday at a fire in the 3800 block of North Fremont Street in the city’s Lake View neighborhood. Firefighters were able to fairly quickly extinguish the fire on the third floor of a five-story building.

Two male Chicago police officers were injured in the blaze. One suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, while the other was transferred Stroger Hospital’s burn unit.  A police escort accompanied an ambulance that transferred the second officer overnight, and a large police presence remained at Stroger as officers awaited word on one of their own.

The conditions of both officers were stabilized. A third victim, a 34-year-old female occupant of the apartment, was also taken to Illinois Masonic for smoke inhalation and was listed in good condition. 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 

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As seen around … The Chicago Auto Show

From the Chicago Police Department Facebook page:

Today, Chicago police officers, joined by Chief of Patrol Fred Waller and Deputy Chief of Community Policing Dwayne Betts, unveiled the next generation of CPD patrol vehicles wearing a new design for the first time in decades. The design was imagined by Officer Jennifer Jacobucci and was selected by a panel of police officers and community members. It includes the familiar blue and white color scheme, along with our tag line “We Serve & Protect.”

Beyond the new design, the vehicles feature mobile computers so officers can access real-time information as well as improved lighting options to enhance police presence. Some, like the vehicle unveiled today, will be equipped with license plate reader technology (shown in the photos) to help officers locate stolen vehicles with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

The new vehicles will hit the streets later this year, but can be seen now at the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place which runs from February 9 – 18. You can also sign up at the booth to take the May 2018 police exam or go online at

Check back later for more information on CPD’s new patrol vehicles!

New design for Chicago police cars introduced in 2018

Chicago Police Department photo

New design for Chicago police cars introduced in 2018

Chicago Police Department photo

New design for Chicago police cars introduced in 2018

Chicago Police Department photo

New design for Chicago police cars introduced in 2018

Chicago Police Department photo

New design for Chicago police cars introduced in 2018

Chicago Police Department photo


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Tactical EMS in Chicago

Excerpts from

When members of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) approach hostile situations, they are focused on neutralizing the threat, but situations can quickly turn into active shooter incidents.

The CPD knows that the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) has their back. They also know their fellow officers have been trained in basic self-aid and partner-aid in case of emergency …  they’ve practiced lifesaving medical care in simulated active shooter situations with CFD paramedics alongside them.

Traditional tactical EMS (TEMS) is built on a model whereby a rarefied group of medics, police officers, and even physicians are crosstrained in the skills of the others’ specialties. Medics are trained to handle firearms and to enter hostile situations, and police officers are cross-trained in paramedicine. Because of this specialized training, these tactical support personnel go on missions together.

In Chicago, the traditional model of embedding a TEMS paramedic team with every high-risk police operation isn’t feasible. Considering the number of police operations and an already busy EMS system, such a structure would leave little room for the necessary EMS response.

… eight years ago, a cross-departmental group was formed to develop a new approach to hostile scenes as an alternative to traditional TEMS.

The new Chicago-style approach;… in the hot zone, police manage the scene and are trained in self-aid and partner-aid. CFD paramedics are staged in the cold zone who know exactly what level of training the CPD personnel have and can anticipate hot zone treatment prior to extrication if an officer is injured.

The first step in the development of the model used in Chicago focused on the medical support of SWAT operations. In 2008, a small group of cross-trained CPD SWAT officers approached leadership from the CPD, the CFD, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital to propose a more collaborative approach to TEMS. This group recognized that the CPD and the CFD didn’t have common protocols, training or even understanding of the others’ approach to SWAT operations. The SWAT Medic Assault and Rescue Technician (SMART) program grew out of this collaboration.

The SMART program was created with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) curriculum for tactical emergency casualty care and emphasizes self-aid and partner-aid of immediately life-threatening injuries at the point of wounding.This  revolutionized the emergency medical care and coordination during SWAT operations in Chicago.

The program has been met with overwhelming support by CPD and CFD members who have already completed the training program. Hundreds of CPD and CFD members have been insructed on the principles of self-aid and partner-aid, however the program is still ongoing in its effort to train all 12,500 CPD officers.

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Chicago to Consolidate Police & Fire Headquarters & Special Units

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found an article about various consolidation of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments as well as the closing of three District Police Stations.

The Chicago Tribune reports that:

The Chicago Police Department will close three district police stations in 2012 — Wood, Belmont and Prairie — consolidate police and detective areas from five to three and merge Police and Fire Department headquarters and specialized units, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday.

Instead of having “overlapping functions” in the Police and Fire Departments overseeing anti-terrorism, marine activities, helicopter and bomb and arson, those units will join forces under “single leadership” for “better coordination at key moments,” the mayor said.

The merger of special units and the combined Police and Fire headquarters at 35th and Michigan will create a “more agile bureaucratic structure” that Emanuel called unprecedented.

“No other city to date has looked at both the headquarters and integrating certain areas into kind of a single public safety mission,” the mayor said, joking that the Police and Fire Departments would maintain “separate football and softball teams”

Read the complete article HERE.

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