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Chicago Heights fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-This is a Chicago Heights engine.  It is a 900 series American LaFrance and that is all I know about it.  If anyone out there knows more, please feel free to supply the answers.  Enjoy and comment.
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Mike Summa photo

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MABAS Division 27 Snorkel history

This from Wayne Stuart for #TBT:

Mabas Division 27 departments operated a few Snorkels over the years. The South Chicago Heights rig is the X- Louisville Kentucky Truck Co.2.

wayne stuart 

classic Chicago Heights FD 85' Snorkel

Wayne Stuart photo

75' Snorkel fire truck

Wayne Stuart photo

Ward LaFrance H-Ranger Snorkel

Wayne Stuart photo

vintage 85' Snorkel from Matteson IL

Wayne Stuart photo

classic FWD 55' Snorkel from the Steger FD

Wayne Stuart photo

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