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CFD images updated on the site

Matt Schumann has submitted several images of CFD apparatus that was in need of updating on the web site:

Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief 18

Chicago Fire Department Engine 123 Spartan Crimson

Chicago Fire Department Spartan Crimson Truck 61


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CFD ambulances added to the site

Matt Schumann has supplied images of six CFD ambulances that were not on the site:

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance90


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Discrimination lawsuit filed against Chicago over fire test

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article discussing a new lawsuit filed on behalf of women that failed the physical abilities test for the CFD:

A physical abilities test the city is using to hire African-American firefighters in settlement of a race discrimination lawsuit is discriminatory against women, a suit filed Friday in U.S. District Court charges.

Godfrey et al vs. City of Chicago was filed by 20 female plaintiffs on behalf of all female applicants who recently took the test and failed.

The women are already members of two other class-action suits.

They were members of Lewis et al vs. City of Chicago — encompassing some 6,000 African-American firefighter applicants who sued over a 1995 firefighter entrance exam the federal courts agreed was racially discriminatory. That suit was finally settled last year.

The Godfrey plaintiffs are also members of the lawsuit Vasich vs. City of Chicago, filed last year on behalf of women who passed the firefighter written exam but failed the physical abilities test.

“It’s a test that doesn’t really test for the abilities you need to become a firefighter, and screens out women needlessly and unjustifiably,” said attorney Marni Willenson, who represents some of the women in the Godfrey suit and is lead attorney on Vasich.

“We’ve been in settlement discussions for a year, yet the city made the decision again to use the test we were suing to throw out.”

As part of the settlement of the Lewis suit, the city agreed to hire 111 of the bypassed African-American applicants, and to pay damages that could reach as high as $78 million to the remaining 5,900.

Both suits charge the physical test, which includes arm and leg lifts, arm endurance tests, hose dragging and stair climbing, discriminates by screening out women at a higer rate than men.

In 2011, women still comprised only 2 percent of the more than 5,000 firefighters/emergency medical technicians staff, charges the Godfrey suit, which seeks back pay and other reliefs “to secure future protection and to redress the past deprivation of rights.”

Friday’s lawsuit now represents the third time the physical abilities test has been the subject of a discrimination lawsuit by women. In 2008, five women who failed the paramedic physical ability test sued, and that first case is still pending in federal court.

Read the entire article HERE.

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CFD to test digital radio system



Chicago Fire Department
On October 14th at 8 a.m., the Chicago Fire Department will switch its Fire and Rescue dispatch from the current analog VHF radio platform to the new UHF Digital radio system for a multi-day full scale test.
The infrastructure for the new system is already in operation for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division and is working well. During the test period, VHF channels traditionally used for North and South dispatch, (i.e. Main and Englewood) will be silent.
At the end of the test period, dispatch operations will revert to the analog system until the permanent switchover, before the end of the year.
Persons with interest in monitoring CFD communications should plan to replace analog radios with units designed for APCO P25 Digital UHF radio protocol as soon as possible. No VHF simulcast overlap operation will take place after the permanent switchover or during the interim test. When in Digital mode, “Main” will operate on 477.7875 MHz and “Englewood” will operate on 478.2125 MHz.
During the test period low power fireground operations will remain on VHF.



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Chicago preparing for digital changeover

Chris Ranck found an article which looks at one aspect of the upcoming digital radio changes coming to Chicago.

Chicago Has Few Techs, Wants Narrowband Waiver

The third-largest city in the United States has just 16 radio technicians to install and maintain all of its radio systems, and now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking for public comment on Chicago’s request for 24 more months to narrowband its VHF and UHF radio systems. The FCC received the city’s waiver request (pdf) last May, and now wants input from others, “whose operations could be impacted by the grant of the waiver.” In its 31-page waiver request, Chicago officials noted the city’s size and population, number of visitors and its key commerce and industry role. The city employs 13,000 police officers, 4,500 firefighters and 650 paramedics to provide emergency services. The waiver request notes the various systems and narrowband upgrades the city has already performed: citywide police use a seven-site UHF system (14 new transmitters); “zone” police use a 13-site UHF system (26 new transmitters); and the fire department uses a 16-site system (32 new transmitters). The city has already purchased 15,000 new narrowband radios, the waiver states, and a T-band UHF narrowband network for the fire department is almost complete. “Yet, despite its considerable effort and significant investment to date, Chicago recognizes that it lacks the necessary manpower and resources to finalize the completion of the narrowbanding of all of its VHF/UHF facilities by January 1, 2013,” the waiver says. The city cites “numerous demands on its limited number of radio technicians and the additional burdens on the city’s budget and financial restraints” for not narrowbanding within the Jan. 1, 2013 deadline. Download (pdf) the FCC’s comment request here.

The article can be found HERE, and the full story HERE.

thanks Chris

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CFD honors fallen firefighters

Although the 5-11 occupied many in the CFD on Sunday and commanded the majority of news coverage, Sunday was also when the CFD honored their fallen.


Chicago firefighters remembered their own Sunday.

Firefighters and their families attended the 13th annual memorial service held at the Monument of the Chicago Firefighters Union Local #2 at Rosehill Cemetery.

The service was in memory of active and retired fire fighters and paramedics who died in the line of duty or passed away in the last 12 months.

 thanks Chris

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Chicago 5-11 Alarm 9-30-12

Chicago fought a 5-11 Alarm fire with a Haz Mat Level I on the north side overnight and into Sunday afternoon. Tim Olk, Steve Redick, and Larry Shapiro took in the warehouse fire and will have many images plus video footage to share tonight and tomorrow. Until the images and videos are ready, below is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune along with two images when Steve Redick arrived at the scene.

An extra-alarm fire on the Northwest Side early Sunday morning destroyed much of a four-story brick building and brought more than 200 firefighters and paramedics to the scene, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

Crews battled the 5-11 alarm blaze in the 2600 block of West Nelson Street in the Avondale neighborhood for hours until it was finally struck out about 9:30 a.m. Some crews are expected to stay on the scene for much fo the rest of the day.

It’s not clear what caused the fire, which started before 2 a.m. and had spread through the top three floors of the multi-use building and caused the north wall and some of the floors to collapse.The blaze also prompted a hazardous material response.

The Tribune article is HERE.

massive 5-11 alarm fire in the 2600 block of Nelson in Chicago 9-30-12

Steve Redick photo

massive 5-11 alarm fire in the 2600 block of Nelson in Chicago 9-30-12

Steve Redick photo

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CFD company patches added

Thanks to Josh Boyajian for submitting several CFD company patches that were missing from the site.

Here are 4 new CFD patches I have collected in the past month that are missing from the site! Also here is a picture of my Chicago patch collection that I have. Hope you like! Thanks,

The following patches have been added:


Chicago Fire Department company patch collection

Josh Boyajian’s collection of Chicago Fire Department company patches.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 89 company patch

one of the new company patches added to the site



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CFD relocates 5-1-11

Chicago Fire Department Administrative Order 5-1-11

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CFD relocates 5-1-0

Chicago Fire Department Administrative Order A-14-12

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