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Chicago FD Helmets – styles and mountings (more)

This from Drew Smith addressing the post on Chicago FD helmets:

Attached is a photo of a brass one I added to my New Yorker helmet back in the early 1980s as well as an aluminum one. They were available in brass or aluminum. I thought the brass looked better than the aluminum worn by many others but soon realized the weight of this small ornament was tremendous.

firemen from the 1980s

Drew Smith collection

New Yorker fire helmet

Drew Smith photo

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Chicago FD Helmets – styles and mountings

This from Fred McCahey:

Has anyone done a special on helmets, particularly the ones with “eagles” on them?
In a photo I previously submitted to, I noticed LT Sutherland had an “Eagle” holding the Lt SS-1 shield in place (posted July 4th 2014). It was rather large and is not seen frequently on current helmets. In fact they seem to be shrinking. Although, in an Erik Haak photo (posted to 7/7/14) a Truck 41 member has the flattened out Eagle.I am not sure of the lingo, but I’m hoping someone has info on these rather massive looking holders.

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