Prospect Heights Fire Department Crash Truck 39

Prospect Heights Fire Department Crash Truck 39. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Prospect Heights and Wheeling firefighters went to O’Hare Airport on Thursday to train with the aircraft props. Both fire departments share responsibility for the firefighting operations at the Chicago Executive Airport (formerly Palwaukee Airport) which resides in both their districts. Both Wheeling Crash Truck 23 and Prospect Height Crash Truck 39 were taken to the airport. Firefighters practiced with handlines for engine fires, brake fires, and full-scale aircraft fires. Then they deployed both ARFF units to attack a simulated crash.

Chicago Fire Department O'Hare firefighting

CFD ARFF 657R is deployed by firefighters from Champaign. Larry Shapiro photo

Firefighters from Champaign were also at the training site today and did three evolutions using 657R, a CFD reserve Oshkosh T-3000.


Larry Shapiro was invited to the training and took several hundred photos in addition to a video.

Prospect Heights Fire Department Crash Truck 39

Crash Truck 39 attacks the pit fire. Larry Shapiro Photo

Wheeling Fire Department Crash Truck 23

Wheeling Crash Truck 23 moves in to knock down the pit fire. Larry Shapiro photo

Wheeling Firefighters airport training

Wheeling firefighters advance a hand line. Larry Shapiro photo

Prospect Heights firefighter training

Prospect Heights firefighters work on an engine fire alongside brakes that are burning. Larry Shapiro photo

Larry has a gallery with over 250 images HERE.

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