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E-ONE gets Bronto SkyLift products back


E-ONE®, Inc., a leader in first responder apparatus, has entered into an agreement with Bronto Skylift Oy Ab of Tampere, Finland (“Bronto”), to be the exclusive distributor of Bronto Skylift® RLPs in the United States and Canada. Bronto parts and service for firefighting applications will also be made available exclusively through E-ONE’s independent dealer network.

“Having sold more than 100 Bronto devices in North America since 2000, E-ONE understands the unique opportunities this world-renowned articulating aerial platform affords departments,” said Jay Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Product Management for E-ONE. “We are excited to renew this relationship with Bronto and look forward to utilizing our vast experience with this product as well as our knowledgeable dealer network to meet the needs of customers.”

“North American customers are familiar with both E-ONE and Bronto and of their strong commitments to quality” said Esa Peltola, Bronto’s Managing Director.  “We are looking forward to adding to that reputation with our range of joint products.”

The E-ONE Bronto Skylift product range will include the RLP 100, 114, 134, F118 HDT-ER, and the new F116 RLP+ articulating aerial platforms. Bronto’s “RLP+” denotes an optional state-of-the-art control system which offers advanced color displays to enhance operator capabilities and features technology to automatically adjust the operating envelope based on the placement of the jacks.

The Bronto devices will be available on E-ONE Cyclone® II and Quest® chassis, two of the industry’s most durable custom cabs, with an array of body options to complement the articulating aerial platform’s compact, maneuverable design.

To learn more about E-ONE products or to find your local dealer, visit

As a leading manufacturer of first responder vehicles, E-ONE engineers, manufactures mission-critical vehicles including custom and commercial pumpers tankers, Water Master vacuum tankers, aerial ladders and platforms, command and communication apparatus, quick attack units, industrial trucks, and aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles.  The company sells its products world-wide and is headquartered in Ocala, Florida. E-ONE is an ISO 9001 registered and CCC certified manufacturer. For more information, visit

Back in March of 2011, Pierce signed an agreement to be the exclusive US distributor, effectively taking it away from E-ONE at that time.


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Thoughts on CFD apparatus needs – a commentary (update)

More from Bill Post:

(In response to a comment from Martin)

I too like the idea of utilizing Pierce products and technology. Here is one of the reasons. As some of you may know, Pierce has recently acquired the marketing and servicing rights to the Bronto Skylift platforms. In other words, they are now Bronto’s North American representative. Currently Bronto/Pierce is marketing only three types or heights of platforms which are 100-foot, 114-foot and 134-foot Skylifts. However, the Bronto Corporation, which is based in Finland, actually manufactures aerial platforms that go from 55 to 367 feet. Their shorter models which go from 55 to 91 feet seem to be close to ideal. The Bronto actually is a type of Snorkel as it is an articulating boom with telescopic features (or vice versa). Their shorter model platforms, actually in practice have been mounted on squad-type trucks in the overseas fire service market. So, it can be done, and all that Pierce would need to do is have one of smaller Bronto platforms shipped to them. Then, they mount one on a Pierce chassis. Of course the platform would have to meet American standards, but in the long run, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial. Bronto photo

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial. Bronto photo

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial. Bronto photo

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial

Bronto Skylift 17M (55-foot) aerial. Bronto photo

Memphis Fire Department Pierce Snorkel

Here is a photo of Memphis Rescue 3 that Bill Post mentioned. It is a 55' refurbished Snorkel mounted on a '07 Pierce Dash chassis/body. Larry Shapiro photo

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Pierce becomes Bronto OEM in North America

Pierce Manufacturing Named Exclusive North American Distributor for Bronto Skylift Aerial Platforms

March 15, 2011

APPLETON, Wis. (March 15, 2011) – Pierce Manufacturing, an Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) company, announced today that it has signed an exclusive distribution and supply agreement to market and support the Bronto Skylift line of aerial platform devices throughout North America. Pierce will offer Bronto Skylift products, including the 165’ RLP – the tallest aerial platform available in North America – on its industry-leading line of Arrow XT™, Impel™, Quantum® and Velocity™ custom chassis. Furthermore, the Pierce dealer network will provide comprehensive service, parts inventory, training and support for new and existing Bronto Skylift customers.

“This is a major addition to our aerial device product line, and an important day for both Pierce and Bronto Skylift customers,” said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. “With this agreement, Pierce immediately expands upon its leadership in aerial apparatus to meet the rescue and firefighting challenges faced by fire departments. And of equal importance is our unmatched network of highly trained dealer organizations that are prepared to provide best-in-class service and support for existing Bronto Skylift customers.”

“We think that the fire service will benefit as never before from the high quality, unique access devices that Pierce and Bronto will be working together to build,” said Esa Peltola, Bronto’s Managing Director. “We look forward to a bright future working with the Pierce team.”

Pierce will market the Bronto Skylift RLP 100, 114, 134 and 165 aerial platforms – devices renowned worldwide for their impressive performance, reach and articulation. Pierce will mount and integrate complete aerial platforms received from the Bronto Skylift factory onto Pierce custom chassis.

The Bronto Skylift line features enhanced up-and-over and below-grade reach to enable more effective rescues in a wide range of scenarios. The Bronto line also offers a telescopic cage boom, a large rescue platform with more room for firefighters, and a surprisingly compact design for excellent maneuverability.

“For departments that respond to everything from very high reach to difficult below grade rescue situations, the Bronto product line is without peer for its versatility in the most challenging environments,” added Johnson. “Moreover, Bronto Skylift is an excellent and proven brand, with over 6000 units in operation around the globe. When combined with the performance of Pierce custom chassis and our unmatched support network, this is a win-win across the board.”


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