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Braceville is added to MABAS Division 15

The Braceville Fire Department covers 1.5 square miles in Grundy County. They have one station which is staffed by 17 volunteers responding to both EMS and fire calls. They have two engines, one truck, a brush rig, and an ambulance in addition to a Chevy Suburban. The ambulance and one of the engines were both previously owned by Braidwood. The truck is from the Lyondell/Equistar facility. It is a 1979 tandem axle Seagrave chassis with a 54′ Squrt and bodywork by Pierce. It carries 500 gallons of water plus 500 gallons of foam. The X-Braidwood engine was built in 1982 by Alexis on a Hendrickson 1871-C chassis. The C designates a contour cab. Hendrickson also offered the S or square cab design at the time. This engine is soon to be replaced with a new Spartan Metro Star Darley engine in December. The new engine has a light tower and a complete set of Genesis Rescue tools in the front bumper and at the rear of the unit.

Braceville Fire Department Hendrickson Alexis engine Braidwood

Braceville Fire Department Spartan Metro Star Darley engine

Braceville Fire Department Seagrave Pierce Squrt

Thanks to Karl Klotz for the images and information.

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South Wilmington is added to the site

The volunteer fire department in South Wilmington has been added to the site. Also in Division 15, South Wilmington is in Grundy County, unlike Braidwood which is in Will County. South Wilmington has a small department with an ambulance, a brush truck and two engines working out of a single house. Once again we thank Karl Klotz for providing the images and information that make it possible to post another department.

South Wilmington VFD pumper tanker

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Braidwood is the first Division 15 department in the site

The Braidwood Fire Department in Will County has been added to the site under¬†Division 15. Braidwood has just one station but it’s packed with interesting apparatus. As a matter of fact, it requires two pages on this site to display all of the vehicles. ¬†They run two ambulances, one engine, one pumper tanker, a mid-mount tower ladder and three squads. Braidwood is home to one of Illinois’ nuclear power plants and their unique logo depicts the transition throughout the years from mining coal to nuclear power. All photos were provided by Karl Klotz.

Braidwood 'From coal to atoms' logo

The creative graphic used in Braidwood depicting a coal miner in days gone by to the current day representing nuclear energy. Karl Klotz photo

Braidwood FD Spartan Alexis engine

Most of Braidwood's modern fire apparatus are built on Spartan chassis. This pumper/tanker was built by Alexis.

Braidwood FD Spartan Smeal mid-mont tower ladder
Braidwood FD EONE E-ONE Cyclone heavy rescue

The only E-ONE unit in the fleet.

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