Dan McInerney spotted this new program coming to Chicago:

A Celebration of Chicago’s Heroes
Colorful sculptures of Chicago’s iconic fire hydrants will be placed throughout the City in tribute to the work and heroism of our beloved Chicago Firefighters. Net proceeds will benefit charities that support the families of fire victims and other fire safety programs.


This citywide public art installation will feature oversized replicas of Chicago’s iconic standard fire hydrants designed, painted, decorated and/or dressed by noted artists, architects, and fashion and interior designers


A collection of 101 hydrants symbolically representing each Chicago firehouse. Locally manufactured in durable, weather-resistant white fiberglass.
Each hydrant is approx. 5’ tall.


101 firehouses protect Chicago’s neighborhoods. Each firehouse is a vital part of the City’s emergency response infrastructure. Chicago firefighters have the fastest emergency response time in the nation.


Sponsor a single hydrant, a series of hydrants, or the entire collection through customized category-exclusive marketing. Sponsors may choose their own artist or work with our curator to find someone to bring their brand to life.

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