Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

The Crystal Lake City Council unanimously approved buying a new firehouse alert system for all three of the city’s stations …

The new alert system has been something the Crystal Lake Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board … has been working on for two years, Fire Rescue Chief Paul DeRaedt said.

The system … may reduce the department’s response times by getting the firefighters out the door quicker. Information about the [call] will come in as the dispatcher is taking the call, appearing on a screen and notifying the firefighters that they should start to head for their vehicles.

In the future, the alerts also may be limited to [the] one station that needs to respond instead of all three, as is currently the case…

Low bidder APS Firehouse Alerting of Westminister, Maryland, was awarded the contract at just less than $130,000, according to city documents.

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