This from Sam Borica:

Thought you could post this, Antioch Rescue Squad and Antioch Police attacked during medical call, 1 officer suffered a concussion, severely bruised ribs and a hyperextended elbow and was treated at the hospital

-Sam Borcia

The Daily Herald has this:

A 42-year-old Antioch man has been charged with attacking police and medical services personnel during a medical emergency, authorities said Thursday.

Anthony Clark, of the 200 block of Cedarwood Drive, was charged with aggravated battery of an emergency medical services officer and two counts of aggravated battery after allegedly hitting EMS and police officers during a rescue at his house about 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 25, authorities said.

Antioch Police Chief Craig Somerville said police were dispatched to assist the Antioch Rescue Squad with a patient. Clark was combative with rescue squad members and the police officers, and knocked one officer to the ground where he hit the back of his head on a rock.

The officer suffered a concussion, severely bruised ribs and a hyperextended elbow, and was treated and released from the hospital hours later.

Antioch Rescue Squad personnel were not injured and did not require medical treatment.

The entire article is HERE.

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