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Antioch fundraiser

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The Antioch Firefighters Association will host an annual event called Firefighter’s Street Dance from 5 p.m. to midnight Sept. 12 in downtown Antioch. The Firefighter’s Street Dance is historically significant in the community of Antioch, according to Chris Lienhardt, deputy fire chief.

Antioch Firefighters Association also hosts a pancake breakfast, which has been successful, but when the 100-year anniversary for the department was approaching, they decided to add another event and settled on the Firefighter’s Street Dance.

“We brought back the dance on the eve of our 100-year anniversary,” Lienhardt said. “We raised a lot of money, enough money to purchase an ambulance, so we’ve kept it and it continues to be a major fundraiser.”

The event will offer food from BBQ’d Productions, Wings Etc., The Mexican Paradise Cafe and Ellie’s Deli. Beer and pop may also be purchased, and proceeds are given to the Antioch Firefighters Association’s fundraising initiative. Three bands will be performing including Big Timber, Goroo and Hairbanger’s Ball.

“When we brought it back originally we wanted to have a family-friendly event. Firemen’s Dance was the thing in the summertime,” Lienhardt said. “We wanted that atmosphere that you could bring your kids to and it felt like a block party. We’re crossing our fingers for typical weather in September instead of the 39-degree weather we had last year.”

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Antioch renews contract with Superior

The Lake-County Sun has an article about Antioch’s decision to extend their EMS contract for another year:

Metro Paramedic Services will continue to provide emergency medical services in the village for at least another year. Village officials agreed to renew the contract with Metro to provide six paramedics and six emergency medical technicians to staff the two village-owned fire stations 24 hours daily. The 12 state-certified ambulance personnel employed by Metro are all local volunteer firefighters.

Metro has been providing both equipment and personnel since the village terminated its 72-year relationship with the not-for-profit Antioch Rescue Squad on June 1, 2013.

Metro is a contract agency that employs trained firefighters, paramedics and EMTs to many fire agencies throughout northern Illinois. “It is a cost effective alternative to municipalities hiring their own full-time employees,” said Fire Chief John Nixon. Metro also provides all applicable benefits to their employees.

The village will save about $106,000 annually by contracting for only personnel and dropping a contract for equipment. Antioch Firefighters Association last month donated an ALS (advanced life support) ambulance bringing the village’s fleet to three fully-equipped ALS ambulances. The personnel-only contract will cost the village $795,376 annually or $66,281 monthly.

Last year, the village purchased a used 2000 International Ambulance with 22,000 miles and obtained another used 2000 ambulance with funds from the state Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board. The vehicles and equipment had to pass state inspection before they could be used by the village. That step was completed Friday, said Nixon.

Even though the village is saving money by providing its own vehicles, revenue falls far short of costs, said Nixon. The average cost of an EMS call is $920. Nixon estimates the cost for 1,863 projected annual EMS calls will total $1.128 million, but estimated revenue will probably be at only 42 percent of that total for the first year or $475,000.

Nixon said about 32 percent of rescue calls are reimbursed by insurance, 33 percent are covered by Medicare and 12 percent are covered by Medicaid. The balance of patients have no insurance and in many cases, can’t pay the cost for the service. To help balance revenue with expenses, village officials also agreed to raise ambulance and life safety fees.

Nixon said the new rates are comparable to rates charged by other neighboring municipalities that do not levy a tax for EMS services. He projects the combined cost for EMS and fire services in the village will total $840,000.

The village is working with the township, served by the First Fire Protection District, to jointly provide fire and rescue services and reduce costs. The villages shares costs with the fire district for fire protection but each entity is responsible for providing its own rescue service. The township is continuing to contract with Antioch Rescue Squad for rescue calls in the township. The contract with ARS expires May 8. Because EMS is not funded through tax revenue the village and fire district are exploring the option of a tax levy to help offset ambulance service costs.

“If a tax levy were in place for EMS we could significantly lower fees,” said Nixon, explaining the higher fees adopted by the village board will help cover the costs to serve all residents, including those who can’t afford to pay.

“Right now the revenue to cover those expenses is coming from the village’s general fund, which also pays for fire, police, village and parks services.”


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