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American LaFrance … sad news (follow up)

More on the fate of the former American LaFrance fire truck manufacturer:

An industrial auction firm will conduct a global webcast auction of the former American LaFrance’s assets on August 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM. Bidders may participate either by bidding at the auction location or by participating online at

More than 1,000 lots will be sold, including but not limited to 14 new Cummins engines, two American LaFrance Eagle custom chassis, fire pumps, axles, pumper bodies, cabs, 150 truck rims and tires, brakes and brake shoes, chassis and cabs of ALF fire and vocational products, and more than 2,500,000 parts.

Assets Formerly of:
Leading Fire Truck & Emergency Vehicle Mfr. Parts Inventory
Huge Offering, $8,000,000 New Cost of Inventory
Featuring Diesel Engines, Fire Pumps, Axles, Pumper Bodies, Cabs, Water Tanks
Brakes, Chassis & Cabs of ALF Fire & Vocational Products, Quantity of over 2,500,000 Parts
Featured Items
Huge Offering, $8,000,000 New Cost & Over 2,500,000 Difficult to Find New PartsPlease Note: The Fire & Condor Assets will be offered in Bulk (in aggregate) and Piecemeal (individually per lot).DIESEL ENGINES, CHASSIS, CABS

  • (4) 2012 Cummins Diesel Engines, Model ISX 350 & 350R, 350 HP
  • (5) 2012 Cummins Diesel Engines, Model ISX 12 425, 425 HP
  • 2012 Cummins Diesel Engine Model ISX 12 500, 500 HP
  • (2) 2012 Cummins Diesel Engine, Model ISL9 450, 450 HP
  • 2012 Cummins Diesel Engine Model ISL 9 380, 380 HP
  • 2012 Cummins Diesel Engine Model ISX 12 385, 385 HP
  • All Cummins Diesel Engines were never put into service and include After Treatment Kits and a Full Warranty.
  • (2) 2013 American LaFrance Eagle Custom Chassis with W/ Bodies, Darley Fire Pumps Model LDM 1500 GPM, Cummins 425 HP Engine, Allison 4000 Series Transmission, Propoly 1000 Gallon Water Tanks, Pump House, Numerous Associated Parts
  • (2) Stainless Steel Bodies & 2004 Eagle Cab


  • (40) Front & Rear Axles/ Half with Telma Retarders
  • Allison Transmissions Model 12H29 & 07B27
  • Air Ride Suspension Packages
  • Numerous Brakes/ Brake Shoes
  • (8) Darley, Hale, Waterous Fire Pumps
  • (50) Delco Remy Model 22Si Heavy Duty Alternator/ Starters
  • Numerous Hannay Hose Reels
  • Replacement Cabs
  • Pumper Bodies
  • Water Tanks
  • (8) Condor Cabs & Associated Parts
  • (20) Dura Lite- Charge Air Coolers
  • (50) Bostron Seats, Numerous Whalen Lights
  • (150) Rims/(150) Tires
  • (16) Front Fascia For Eagle Metro, Custom, & Liberty
  • All Chassis & Cab Components of ALF Fire & Vocational Products


  • 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring 109,000 Miles
  • 2001 Dodge Sprinter Service Van, Model 2500 HC, Diesel
  • 2000 Ford F150 Pickup Truck, 122,000 Miles
  • 1999 Ford F550 XLT Standard Cab, Manual, Diesel 92,000 Miles
  • Renegade Enclosed 14’ Tandem Axle Trailer, w/ Tool Boxes, Electric
  • 2003 GMC Yukon Denali XLT, 176,000 miles

Over 270 Sections of Interlake Tear Drop Style Pallet Racking Consisting of

  • (202) 20’ x 42” Uprights & (270) 20’ x 60” Uprights
  • (1787) 108” Beams with 4 4/8”, 4” & 3 ¾” Faces
  • Wire Mesh Decking (1597) Pieces of 52” x 43”, (32) Pieces 61” x 46”, 558 Pieces of 61” x 58”
  • Large Quantity of Over 500 Sheets of Aluminum Metal, Diamond Plate, Steel Stock

Weldon Nodes, Ametek Lighting, Tires, Seatbelts, Delco Remy Starters, Large Quantity of Glass Windshields & Doors, Bearings, Numerous Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Interior Upholstery, Much, Much More!!!

For a detailed listing of items that will be sold and a photo gallery visit at

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American LaFrance … sad news (follow up)

An article in has a follow article to the sudden closing of American LaFrance Fire Apparatus in South Carolina:

A former employee who said he locked the gate to American LaFrance earlier this year stood inside the Patillo building once again Wednesday — this time, not as an employee, but as one of hundreds interested in the county’s sales of the dissolved company’s business personal assets.

American LaFrance closed in January, ending employment for hundreds and leaving behind a $650,000 debt to taxpayers in an economic development deal.

On Wednesday, the county sought to recoup that money in a public auction of the debts at the company’s final resting place on Cypress Gardens Road.

According to the county supervisor, Dan Davis, this is likely the only time a county has had to sell off a company’s business personal property in an economic deal killed by the company essentially disappearing.

Prior to the 9 a.m. start Wednesday, more than 90 had pre-registered online, and more than 70 had pre-registered for in-person bidding the day before.

Scout Boats President Steve Potts drove over from his Summerville plant to get a deal. His No. 1 item of interest? Bridge cranes.

Robert Holseberg of Rewined Candles in Charleston was also looking for extra equipment to aid in his company’s expansion. He was particularly interested in the forklifts, tables and cabinets.

The company’s inventory, which includes firetrucks in various stages of completion, was not in Wednesday’s sale. The county says the owners of the Patillo building have claim to it due to American LaFrance defaulting on its lease. A representative of the Patillo building said they are still trying to reach someone within the company to settle the issue.

thanks Dan

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American LaFrance … sad news (more)

The our in South Carolina wrote this interesting followup article on the closing of American LaFrance.

[A] building stands in a graveyard of machinery, empty except for the occasional groundskeeper drop-by. Inside, the building hums with electricity, but the domed lights overhead barely dent the darkness. Overturned chairs, pushed together desks, and walls lined with unfinished work serve as a reminder: no one works here anymore.

The 300,000 square-foot Patillo building on Cypress Gardens Road now houses all that is left of 100-plus-year-old firetruck maker American LaFrance, which closed in January.

“It’s just a nightmare,” County Supervisor Dan Davis told the Independent during an exclusive tour of the warehouse. Davis wasn’t talking about the loss of 200 jobs — which devastated the community in its own right. Davis was talking about the fallout of the company’s closure and its large, outstanding debt to the county.

When American LaFrance shut down, it owed $650,000 to the county. In the years following its 2008 bankruptcy, company officials worked with the county, unable to pay toward its fee-in-lieu of tax deal offered for economic development. The unpaid fee was on its business personal property.

Though the company was struggling prior, the Great Recession played a part in the death of American LaFrance. Shrinking emergency services’ budgets were likely a direct blow to the company. Davis said, just last year, officials from Rio de Janeiro visited the facility as they prepared to contract a firetruck manufacturer for more than 100 vehicles in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. American LaFrance didn’t get the contract. If it had, Davis said, it might have been able to weather the Great Recession.

Since January, Berkeley County has embarked into uncharted territory: reclaiming the debt. It’s a first for a county in South Carolina, so there is no precedent. The amount owed to Berkeley County doesn’t stop with $650,000. The county has had to foot the $2,800 monthly lease for the space and more for its humming electricity. More public money has been spent on working with a number of attorneys to determine how to legally proceed. Most weeks, the county expends about 40 man-hours dedicated to American LaFrance and the fallout. It took 12 county employees a week to consolidate the company’s property to one facility. When the company closed, it was operating out of two locations.

Berkeley County will auction off the business personal property later this year, likely in June. Already, the county contracted a private company to inventory what’s inside the warehouse. The public funds used in the meantime will be added to American LaFrance’s debt — covered by money raised in the auction.

Berkeley County only has claim to the business personal property — desks, chairs, pictures, everything essential to making a business run. After an auction to reclaim the debt owed, the company’s inventory — the unfinished firetrucks, the engines, the transmissions, everything essential to making emergency vehicles — will likely be auctioned off by the property owner since American LaFrance has already defaulted and owes the owner money.

With the debt owed to public and private enterprises, no one seems able to raise an American LaFrance representative to pay the bills or collect the inventory.

thanks Dan

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