Excerpts from wgntv.com:

When Apple released its new watch about one year ago, it came with a new feature that lets users press and hold a button on the side of the device to call 911 for help. Since then, 911 call centers across the country have been experiencing a problem with accidental calls.

When you wear the watch and bend at the wrist, it can put pressure on the button which will then call 911. It takes about three seconds of pressing the button for the call to go out. It will also alert your emergency contact. The watch will then make a loud beeping noise. Some people don’t know that this feature has been activated on their device.

Officials in Lake County said these accidental calls are happening more than people may think.

Dispatchers said they’ve been receiving up to 10 accidental Apple Watch calls a day in Lake County alone. The calls come from people working out or even driving. Emergency call centers in Aurora and Kane County have reported the same issue.

Officials said if this happens to you, dispatchers will attempt to call you on your cellphone. They say to stay on the line and explain it was just a mistake so they don’t have to send help.

There is a way to disable the feature on an Apple Watch:

  • Go to the Apple Watch app
  • Click “Emergency SOS”
  • Click off “Hold Side Button”