Excerpts from thewoodstockindependent.com:

Last Sept. 9, on their way to a training session with the McHenry County Sheriff’s SWAT team, two tactical EMS personnel heard a call that diverted them. A motorcycle had collided with a car, and the rider had been thrown from his bike. So the two EMTs – one from Woodstock, the other from Huntley – headed to the scene. They were soon joined by personnel from Woodstock in a rescue operation that, eventually, involved seven agencies.

For its’ quick action and good work, the district this week will receive the 24th annual Scene Call of the Year Award for 2017 from Flight For Life.

“The Woodstock Fire/Rescue District’s call highlights the teamwork that exists among fire departments, law enforcement agencies, dispatchers, hospitals and air medical services as they work together to provide the best possible patient outcome,” Flight For Life said in a news release. “It also illustrates the importance of critical thinking and decision-making, communication, use of mutual aid resources, scene safety and management and thinking outside the box.”

The first EMTs on the scene found the motorcyclist had suffered heavy trauma and they initiated care – blood control, airway control, splinting.

The award will be presented during the regular meeting of the district Board of Trustees at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Station 3, 2900 Raffel Road. In addition to Woodstock Fire/Rescue personnel, the ceremony will involve Northeast Regional Communications Center, which dispatched the call; McHenry County Sheriff’s Office; Woodstock Police Department; McHenry County Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team; Huntley Fire Protection District; and Flight For Life personnel who participated on the call.

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