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Apartment fire in Wheeling, 12-19-23 (more)

From the PHFD BC assigned to the fourth floor:

The crews did a fantastic job at the structure fire in Wheeling. The Fire Attack Lead-Out from the standpipe used all three 75-foot sections of 2-inch hose to reach the fire unit. As a reminder, Wheeling and Prospect Heights utilize the same 2″ Denver Load Packs. Excellent job by E39 applying water from the exterior with a 2 1/2″ prior to Wheeling E23 having their 2″ line in place. The exterior attack really helped E23 get their line deployed. E23 had a pressure of 140psi at the gauge.

I am also told there was significant spalling of the precast concrete ceiling/floor inside the fire unit.; #ProspectHeightsFireDistrict; #WheelingFD; #PlumCreekApartments;

Prospect Heights Fire District photo; #ProspectHeightsFireDistrict; #WheelingFD; #PlumCreekApartments;

Prospect Heights Fire District photo; #ProspectHeightsFireDistrict; #WheelingFD; #PlumCreekApartments;

Prospect Heights Fire District photo

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Chicago Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Three people were injured, two critically and the third was in serious condition from an apartment fire Tuesday evening in the 4600-block of North Sheridan, a Chicago Housing Authority senior building called the Ella Flagg Young Apartments.

The fire was contained to a fourth floor unit, which was gutted, but sent smoke up several floors.

The immediate concern for firefighters was the mobility of the elderly residents, and if they needed to be evacuated. 

The fire was extinguished quickly with the help of hallway sprinklers and most of the residents sheltered in their units, but some chose to evacuate.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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