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Oswego Fire Protection District news

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The Oswego Fire Protection District is again asking voters for a tax increase to cover costs of replacing aging equipment and the construction of a new satellite station to the tune of $17 million. This time the district is asking for approval of a bond issuance.

Voters have rejected a permanent public safety tax three times now. Fire Chief John Cornish says the district is taking a different approach this time. Cornish says voters do not want a tax that doesn’t go away.

The proposed bond would be paid off in ten years, and people will see an added line on their tax bill for the next ten years.


The district says the cost of maintaining facilities and equipment has continued to increase and that calls have increased from 2,000 a year and 6,700 a year since the last funding increase ten years ago.

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Chicago Fire Department news

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Chicago firefighters responded a little after 7 p.m. Wednesday night to a two-flat in the 1700-block of Superior Street, and said they had to twice upgrade their response. Parts of the building, including a portion of the roof  collapsed. 

As of 9:30 p.m. firefighters continued to pour water on the home from above, but the partial collapse was keeping some of the hot spots shielded from their streams.

A woman in her early 80s was taken from a bottom floor residence to Ascension St. Mary Hospital in serious but stable condition. No one else at the scene needed treatment or evacuation.


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Blue Island Fire Department news

From Blue Island Firefighters 3547

Last night on 2/28/2023 the City of Blue Island Illinois council members approved unanimously our collective bargaining agreement. This agreement is potentially one of the best agreements for the City of Blue Island residents in regards to medical care. In 2019 Metro South Hospital closed causing delays for patients needing definitive medical care. With this agreement Blue Island Fire Department will be upgrading its ambulances to provide advanced life support services. This will greatly benefit the citizens of Blue Island. We would like to thank the members of Blue Island who worked diligently and professionally alongside the members of Local 3547 to provide this service to our residents and also residents of neighboring communities.

thanks Dennis

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Beecher Fire Protection District history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-This was the Beecher FPD’s Engine 406, a 1984 Spartan/FMC 1500/500 shown in its original delivery.  Later, cab was enclosed and roof painted black.
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Mike Summa photo

And from our files:; #TBT; #FireTruck; #Spartan; #FMC; #Omega; #BeecherFPD; #larryshapiro;;

1984 Spartan CFC – FMC Omega top-mount pumper in Beecher, IL. Larry Shapiro photo

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