This from Bill Post:

The 230-foot Bronto Sky-Lift on a Mack triple-axle chassis which was delivered to the Toronto Fire Department in December 2021 was first put to use (for lighting purposed) about 5 months ago.
It is a special-call rig cross manned by the crew of  Tower 333 a 116-foot Bronto Sky-Lift.
I don’t know if  any attempts have been made to sell Bronto Sky-Lifts to Chicago. I am aware of some of their shortcomings, however I have long thought that this would be a great special-call apparatus for Chicago. A Bronto Sky-Lift is still better for rescue work than a straight 137-foot aerial ladder such as Aerial Tower 8.
This is especially relevant at the moment given the 4-11 alarm at 4850 S Lake Park Avenue.
This is now the tallest aerial platform in North America and seeing how it performs in Toronto would make sense in Chicago.