Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

On August 30, Christian Flores called 911 because his mother, Amy, was unconscious and unresponsive, wasn’t breathing, and she didn’t have a pulse.

While sending Wheeling and Long Grove crews to the scene, Regional Emergency Dispatch alarm operator Jacqueline Miller began instructing Flores how to perform CPR. He did so for more than eight minutes until Wheeling firefighters arrived and took over CPR. They also used a defibrillator to shock Flores’ heart into a proper rhythm. A Long Grove FPD ambulance arrived and took Flores to the hospital. Working together, they saved Amy Flores’ life.

Christian Flores, Miller, and the firefighters who responded to the emergency were publicly lauded during Monday’s Wheeling village board meeting for their heroic efforts. Amy Flores was in the audience and received hearty applause from the crowd when Wheeling Fire Chief Mike McGreal introduced her.

Miller was called to the dais to receive a Life Saving Award. Christian Flores was unable to attend the presentation but also received a Life Saving Award.

Company Citation Awards were given to Wheeling Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Menzel, Lt. Jason Macauley, Firefighter/Paramedic Jeff Goolish, and Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician Joe Dina. Company Citation Awards also went to Long Grove firefighter/paramedics Mike Gallagher and Nick McDowell.