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Illinois Fire Service news

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Fire Departments and Fire Protection Districts across Illinois will now officially be able to apply for interest free loans. The State Fire Marshal says the “Illinois Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program” has more than $10.5 million in funding available for this application period. 

The money will be distributed to departments that need loans for fire trucks. Applicants can receive up to $350,000 in funds.

The application period closes on Halloween, to apply click here

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New tanker for the Stockton FPD

The Stockton FPD lost several trucks in a fire several years ago: Stockton Fire Station damaged by fire

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They just received a Freightliner/Rosenbauer tanker 22126 STOCKTON FPD, IL; #FireTruck; #Freightliner; #rosenbaueramerica; #StocktonFPD

Rosenbauer photo

and from they have a 2003 IHC tanker for sale; #StocktonFPD; #FireTruck; #forsale;

department photo

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