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Fatal fire in Chicago, 6-26-22 (more)

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Three young brothers who died in a West Humboldt Park fire were trapped in a basement apartment with only one exit that was blocked by flames. A fourth boy remains in critical condition from the fire, which broke out early Sunday in the back of the apartment at 4032 W. Potomac.

The child’s mother was burned and inhaled smoke from the fire. Flames blocked the back door — the only exit — forcing the mother to break a window and escape. The mother remained incapacitated at a hospital while she recovers from burns to her face.


Firefighters responded at 12:20 a.m. and had to break through the apartment door, which was locked from the inside. Two children were found unresponsive in a room near the door, and the two other children were found on the other side of the apartment. Firefighters rescued all four of the children, who had suffered smoke inhalation.

Aiden Cruz, 5, was pronounced dead at Saints Mary and Elisabeth Medical Center. Jayden Cruz, 6, and Angel Rodriguez, 11, were hospitalized but later died. The fourth child remains hospitalized.

Investigators determined the fire was caused by an open flame in one of the back rooms, but everything beyond that remains under investigation. It’s unclear what set the fire, or if it was accidental.

Firefighters could hear working smoke detectors when they arrived at the home, but didn’t find any in the basement.

Property records show that the home had three apartments including the basement apartment, but it remained unclear if the basement apartment was built or operated legally since it had only one exit.

All four children were brothers who lived with their mother and her partner at the apartment. 

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Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District news

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The Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District has gotten the thumbs-up to borrow $13 million for new equipment and an additional station.

Unofficial results show 1,912 people voted “yes” and 1,421 people voted “no,” with all 25 Kane County precincts reporting and two of three DuPage County precincts. Final results won’t be available until after July 12, which is the last day vote-by-mail ballots can be counted.

The district wants to use the money to pay off old debt, buy new vehicles and equipment, and eventually build a third fire station. That station would be on land the district already owns, at Crane and Bolcum roads in St. Charles Township.

District officials said response times in the 38-square-mile district are faster on its east and west sides, where the two existing stations operate — one in Wasco, one near Wayne. The third station would provide equity districtwide. Currently, average response times districtwide are 7 to 8 minutes, but it can take 10 minutes for rescue workers to get to the center of the district.

The district intends to put aside $5 million of the $13 million bond proceeds toward the construction of the station, which officials said likely won’t be built until at least 2025.

The district would use $5 million for equipment and vehicles, and the rest of the money would go to pay off the debt for the construction of the two existing stations.

If the district gets to borrow the $13 million, officials estimate that the owner of a house with a market value of $300,000 would pay $130.27 more in taxes a year. District officials said they intend to pay off the bonds in 10 years.

The district serves residents in the villages of Campton Hills and Wayne and unincorporated areas in St. Charles and Campton townships. It used to hire the St. Charles Fire Department to handle its calls, but in 2011 decided to start doing the work itself. Since then, voters have rejected tax-rate increases six times.

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Antioch First Fire Protection District news

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A referendum to raise an additional $1.87 million annually for the Antioch First Fire Protection District returned to Tuesday’s primary ballot, and it earned approval.

With all precincts reporting by about 9 p.m. Tuesday, 1,615 voters approved the measure while 1,324 voted against it, unofficial results showed. Totals don’t include votes cast early, by mail or provisional ballots.

One primary need for the funds, Fire Chief Jon Cokefair said, is that Antioch medics make $53,000 a year compared to the $68,900 average in Lake County.

The annual tax bill for a $200,000 home will increase by about $176 annually. Residents won’t see any increase until next June when 2022 taxes are due.

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