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In 2021, the Loves Park Fire Department responded to 1,211 calls in one area of the city alone without a fire station. On Monday night, the city board approved a $1.5 million deal for a third fire station on Rock Valley Parkway on Loves Park’s east side to significantly decrease the response time to calls in that area. The third station will house an ambulance and engine.

The district’s first station, which has been in Loves Park since 1947, is located at 400 Grand Ave. Their second station is at 1527 Windsor Rd. Once the third station opens, the station on Grand Ave. will be turned into public works storage because of the census count in this part of the city, and the fact that the building can’t hold the current emergency vehicles.

According to the Insurance Services Office, a new station could lead to a decrease in premium costs, such as a few $100 dollars for residents.

The new station should be closed on within the next month, followed by another month of moving equipment and vehicles into the new space. The third station should be open by May 2022.

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  • #1 by Michael m on March 3, 2022 - 7:43 PM

    Which station is their Pierce engine and ladder at? Are they at the Windsor RD station?

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