Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

The construction of a new fire station on McHenry Road is the centerpiece of a five-year, $42.5 million capital improvement plan approved this week by the Wheeling Village Board. The station will replace the one in the municipal complex on Community Boulevard, officially known as station No. 42 and will retain that identifier.

The current station No. 42 occupies two rooms in the police station and is staffed by a three-person engine crew. A full-sized and fully staffed station on McHenry Road should improve coverage in the northwest portion of Wheeling and reduce response times.

Plans to relocate the station were being developed at the same time as the plans for the new station No. 23, which opened this summer on Wheeling Road north of Hintz Road. Both stations will have the same architectural design.

Station No. 24, the third fire station and headquarters at 499 S. Milwaukee Ave. will remain in service.

Construction of the new station is expected to cost $5 million and is scheduled for 2022. The village board unanimously approved the capital plan Monday which covers projects to be undertaken between 2022 and 2026, with more than $15 million in work set for next year. 

The fire station is the costliest project in the plan and will be built on about 2 acres north of Dundee Road, near a village water tower and well house. Once the new station is completed, the current station’s space will be repurposed.

Funding for the station and the other projects will come from village reserves, gasoline taxes, grants, and other sources — but not loans or property tax-rate increases.

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