Excerpts from CentralIllinoisproud.com:

For four days this week, the Peoria Fire Department said it’ll temporarily suspend service to Engine Company 2, which is out of Station #8 located on Hurlburt Street because staff have been affected by COVID-19, leaving the station empty-handed.

The temporary suspension runs from Dec. 22-25, but Battalion Chief Jim Bachman said there are no guarantees that the time frame will not expand. Engine Company 2 returned to service on Nov. 1 after the remainder of the existing operational budget for 2021 showed enough funds to bring the engine back into service. Bachman is confident that no matter what happens, the engine will be recommissioned in 2022.

Despite continuously monitoring their operational finances to stay within budget, Fire Administration said there were some unexpected expenses.

Residents will continue to receive service from the 11 fire stations within city limits.

“Regardless of how many people live in that area, I’m confident that the fire department can make whatever adjustments they have to so that when backups from other stations are needed, they are in a position to make those things happen in a timely manner,” said Jackson.