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Multiple fires in Gary, 5-1-21

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There were 15 to 18 suspicious fires Saturday night in Gary, forcing them to call at least a dozen different fire departments for assistance. All of the structures were vacant and no injuries were reported.

Arson was suspected in previous fires. Gary fire officials have not provided additional information about whether the incidents were related.

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A request for assistance

From a reader:


I have an amazing friend who lost her father due to a rescue accident when she was young, ever since she has held firefighters to a high respect as a way to remember her late father. 

She is soon to be getting married to the perfect man that of course is firefighter, her dream man! So I’m writing this message with hopes that I can create a very special gift for the two, as I know a big part of their wedding will also be showing a celebration of firefighters. 

I’m hoping maybe I can get some well wishes for the bride and groom, maybe patches, or just a photo and signature of the fire house and team. If interested I will pay for whatever materials and stamps needed to have this mailed so I can work on putting together a gift that the soon to be Mr & Mrs will truly be able to appreciated!

Thank you for your time and all that you do,


(contact the webmaster who will provide the email address to anyone that wishes to communicate with Courtney)


New ambulance for the Plainfield FPD

From the Foster Coach Sales website:

new Type 1 Horton ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

new Type 1 Horton ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

thanks Martin

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As seen around … Westmont

This from Daniel Hynd:

Westmont FD Engine 183 with a new paint scheme. 

Westmont FD Engine 183

Daniel Hynd photo

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