Excerpts from nbcchicago.com:

Residents in Glenview will rally this Saturday in an attempt to save a Fire Station 13, saying that the move would put their safety at risk. Village officials plan to close the station on April 1, rerouting resources from the station to four other stations within the community.

The local firefighters’ union has reservations about the plan, citing a potential impact on public safety, and residents say that outside consultants have also come out in opposition to the plan, stoking worries that the closure could put their safety at risk.

Village officials, who voted unanimously to close the station, say they understand the concerns of the public, but say that the closure will help to better allocate resources around the village. There are plans to increase the number of ambulances available in the community, but it’s the closure of the station that is generating more attention.

From Glenview Prof. Firefighters Assoc. IAFF Local 4186:

Ain’t No POWER Like The POWER of the PEOPLE,
cause the POWER of the PEOPLE Don’t Stop!!!

We have learned that a resident-organized rally in support of saving Fire Station 13 is scheduled for Saturday. We are happy to share the details below for all who may be interested.

We feel that this type and level of community based action to save Fire Station 13 is what the Village Board, Village leadership and Trustee candidates need to pay attention to.

The residents want their voices to be heard and their fire station to be kept open. We support our residents in their mission to keep Fire Station 13 open!

Rally scheduled to oppose closing of Glenview Fire Station 13