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New fire station for Chicago (more)

From the Unofficial CFD Engine115 Ambo76 Facebook page:

During the last week we have been able to take a tour of the inside to see the progress! With still no official move in date, we’re happy to know they want the house to be fully functional in every way before we make the big move! Here are some sneak peek pictures for our fans…….

apparatus bay floor in new Chicago firehouse

Unofficial CFD Engine115 Ambo76 Facebook page photo

thanks Danny

Previous photos are HERE

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Working fire in Chicago, 2-12-21

From Steve Redick:

Box at 5733 W Grover early Friday am

house fire in Chicago

Steve Redick photo

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2-Alarm fire in Milwaukee, WI 2-9-21

From Tyler Tobolt:

Here are some photos of a 2-alarm fire in Milwaukee at 21st and Scott on 2/9/21 around 3:30pm. 
Response included: Battalion 3, Battalion 4, Battalion 10, Car 3, Car 2C, Med 5, Med 6, Med 15, Engine 26, Engine 23, Engine 33, Engine 11, Engine 7, Engine 2, Engine 1, Engine 10, Engine 32, Engine 24, Truck 1, Truck 2, Truck 9, Truck 8, Rescue 1, Incident Command Post, Compressed Air 1, and West Allis Med 1 and Tower 62

More photos are in this link 

flames from attic of a house

Tri State – USFiR Photography

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New engines for the Bartlett FPD (more)

From Bill Schreiber:

Bartlett FPD twin rescue pumper chassis updates

fire engine being built for the Bartlett FPD

Rosenbauer photo

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