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A request for assistance …

I am putting together a Christmas Gift for my friend who used to ride with Truck 30 in Chicago back in the 90s.  The gift includes a patch of each company he spent time with.  I cannot find Truck 30 anywhere.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Facebook so I can’t message whomever runs the page.  Do you have access to a Truck 30 patch or know anyone who does?  I will pay for the effort and product.
Thank you for the consideration,
Ken Feckete
Local 416 Indianapolis

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New Engine for Prospect Heights (more)

Updated production photos of the new engine for Prospect Heights

new fire engine in paint booth

Alexis Fire photo

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Working fire in Chicago, 12-13-20

This from Eric Haak:

Images from a working fire early Sunday morning (12/13). 722 West 71st Street. The fire was in a vacant, 25×40 2-story frame home. The bulk of the fire was in sector “C” and was on both floors and the attic. Engines 54 and 47 along with Trucks 20 and 30 worked for just over an hour before picking up.

house fire in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

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