Excerpts from abc7chicago.com:

Chicago police and federal investigators are working to identify people who set fire to dozens of businesses and vehicles following the death of George Floyd as many businesses went up in flames across the Chicago area during violent unrest. Because of the sheer number of fires that were set during that weekend, federal officials were brought in to help. The national response team from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms spent weeks in Chicago going through surveillance video. On Tuesday, they released images from just 10 of those fires.

On May 31, inside Englewood’s City Sports store at 65th and Halsted, two suspects walked through the already looted business. One leans down and uses a lighter to set fire to some papers on the ground. A few miles away, at a beauty supply store in Archer Heights, a similar scene played out. A suspect is seen inside the beauty supply store pouring some sort of liquid over a counter, then setting fire to it. Hundreds of stores were looted and dozens of fires set from the Loop to the South and West Sides.

The Chicago Police Department, in conjunction with federal officials, released surveillance video and photographs of 19 people suspected in just some of the 53 fires that were set between May 31 and June 3. The hope is that by making these public, they may be able to arrest those responsible for the fires. Chicago police have published the surveillance images and videos of these fires on their Youtube channel.

Those arrested may be facing federal charges as the U.S Attorney’s office said the arson investigations are part of a national effort to prosecute those responsible for crimes committed during that time of civil unrest. Anyone with information is asked to contact contact CPD at 312-745-6233 or email ATFTips@atf.gov. Information can also be submitted anonymously via www.CPDTip.com or www.ReportIt.com on the Report It mobile app, available on Google Play or Apple Apps Store.