Excerpts from the NWHerald.com:

The Huntley Fire Protection District’s fifth fire station on the southeast corner of Jim Dhamer Drive and Hennig Road is expected to be operational by April 13. The district had planned a grand opening event the same day but, because of the growing threat of the coronavirus, public entry will be postponed to a later date. There are no plans to hire new staff but the district has enough staff to effectively operate all stations.

The district is also awaiting the completion of about a 12,000 square foot expansion and renovation to its existing facility at 11118 Main St. The additions to the East Main Street location will make it a two-story building with a training room, office space, and upstairs living quarters. It also was designed to reduce firefighters’ exposure to carcinogenic materials after responding to a hazardous incident.

This renovation will be finished in July and it is estimated that crews would be fully moved into the building by Sept. 1.

The district’s current headquarters and Station 1 at 11808 Coral St. will be sold once the renovations are finished. Neither project required the passage of a referendum to fund. About $14 million was saved in the past decade for various expansion projects to compensate for projected growth in Huntley’s population.