Excerpts from foxnews.com:

The Chattanooga Fire Department said on Facebook it received a donation of sanitizing products after a viral story about individuals who hoarded nearly 18,000 bottles. Matt and Noah Colvin drew widespread fury over the weekend after their effort was profiled by The New York Times, in which they were revealed to have cleared out hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes from stores around Chattanooga and parts of Kentucky.

On Sunday, one of the brothers helped volunteers from a local church place two-thirds of the massive supply onto a truck destined to deliver the products to Tennesseans in need. The church has been in contact with the Hamilton County Sheriff and local authorities to get the sanitizer into the hands of emergency workers, nursing homes, and anywhere else they are most needed. The remaining third reportedly was seized by officials from the Tennessee attorney general’s office and will be handed over to authorities in Kentucky for distribution.

The brothers had sold the sanitizer for between $8 and $70 each, multiple times higher than what they paid for the product at local stores.