Excerpts from ksdk.com:

Godfrey Fire Captain Jake Ringering was killed in a fire at 4064 Culp Lane in Bethalto, Illinois on March 5. An OSHA report of working conditions at the fire was completed in September. The report highlighted multiple problems with the effort to extinguish the fire.

The report said Madison County 911 operators were told that everyone in the house was out and accounted for just minutes after receiving their first call about the fire. Despite this, none of the firefighters could remember being told the conditions of the occupants when responding to the scene. The deadly collapse inside the house happened more than 30 minutes later.

Additionally, the 911 dispatchers knew the home was classified as a hoarder house, which would have changed the way firefighters attacked the fire. Dispatchers did not communicate that message.

During the fire, the decision was made to cut through the garage door to get into the garage. The report said the Godfrey Fire Department volunteered to cut through a garage door because they recently purchased a new saw and it would get through the door easier. The side door was unlocked, and if firefighters would have entered the side door, not as much debris would have fallen on them.

The report said commanders did not do a full check of the home until after the incident that left Rinering dead and three others injured.

Firefighters struggled to fight the fire due to water pressure issues, but those issues were caused because the fire hydrant was not fully opened, according to the report. Firefighters had to keep shutting off one of the hoses so water pressure could build back up and allow them to attack the flames. The report said it took another five turns to open the hydrant all the way.