Excerpts from the journal-topics.com:

Mount Prospect residents can expect smooth sailing over the course of the next few months as construction continues on the two new headquarters for the police and fire departments.

The Mount Prospect Fire Department headquarters building, 111 E. Rand Road, is still in its early construction stages, but is already slightly under budget. Fire Chief Brian Lambel said that some of the original walls in the building were suspected to have had asbestos however the walls were tested and came back negative, which brought costs down slightly. Currently, the inside of the building has been torn out and steel studs are in place. The steel framing inside has been painted and the roof is complete.

The the fire department broke ground on April 4 and the station is on track to be completed and open by April 2020.

There is a feature on the village’s website for people to watch the progress of both of the buildings. Cameras surveying the site capture still photos every 15 minutes.