Excerpts from the hfchronicle.com:

The purchase of a used pumper for the Homewood Fire Department was approved by the village board Tuesday, June 25. Deputy Chief Steve DeJong traveled to Manhasset, New York, last month to inspect the pumper and ensure that all proper testing and maintenance had been done. The 2004 Pierce Dash will cost the village $141,000, plus $2,000 to ship it from New York and $2,000 for contingency. Homewood received a grant from the state for $100,000 to help pay for the truck. It will be used as a backup. 

The department’s primary pumper, a Pierce Enforcer purchased in September of 2017 for $596,897,  arrived in August. 

That pumper was intended to replace a 21-year-old Smeal and move a 2007 Spartan/Crimson into reserve. The department expects trucks to have 20-year replacement cycles. After that point, repairs become prohibitively expensive. But the fire department spent over $40,000 on electrical repairs to the 2007 Crimson. It was in and out of service for 18 months and the problem was never resolved. The decision was made to dispose of it and keep the Smeal in reserve while searching for a replacement. 
With the purchase of the new engine, the board approved the sale of the 1999 Smeal pumper. 
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