Excerpts from the ChicagoTribune.com:

Seventeen year old Jacob A. Manka was struck by a westbound Metra train around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday and pronounced dead at the scene about an hour later. He was among a group of three male teens who were trespassing on the train tracks that span a bridge near Pilcher Park when Metra Rock Island train No. 419 approached. The train’s operator saw the teens on the tracks, but not in time to stop and avoid striking two of them.

The teen who avoided being struck was running on the opposite track of the other two boys when the train approached. The three teens were on their way to meet a fourth boy who was nearby, but not on the tracks when the train passed.

Dozens of emergency personnel from 20 different police and fire departments searched a 1.5-mile stretch of Hickory Creek Thursday for the second victim, but failed to recover the body.

The search, which included drones, swift water rescue divers, and a cadaver dog, started at 7 a.m. and was suspended around 2 p.m., after the creek’s conditions became too dangerous. The search for the second body resumed Friday, but it wasn’t as extensive as the one performed the day before.

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