Hi my name is Wendy Walker and I live in Newport Beach CA.  My family is from Chicago, my grandparents moved from Poland to Chicago and both my mom and aunt lived there.  I love Chicago and of course a HUGE Chicago Sports Fan.  I have been a nurse for 20 years specialized in Hospice Nursing but everything changed when I was diagnosed for lymphatic cancer.  Through out my medical career I collect Ed fire department T-shirts from all over the place any different states and I wanted personally come to Chicago and get or ask for a shirt.  After my last ER visit last night my lymph nodes are so swollen in my lungs I have a difficult time breathing and unable to travel.  I’m not getting any better and would love to end my collection with my last shirt from the city I love the most.  Could you send one to me from your department I would love that so much.  Please let me know if that will be fine.  Love your work love Chicago.
Thanks you all for all you do
Wendy Walker