Excerpts from our quadcities.com:

After a social media push, residents of Clinton, Iowa and beyond started illuminating the outside of homes in red and wearing crimson to show support to the Clinton Fire Department and the family of Lt. Eric Hosette along with Firefighter Adam Cain and his family as he recovers. 

The red at Fulton High School Monday goes beyond school pride. The River Bend School District Superintendent said he got a call during the weekend from a staff member about donning red in support. It was after seeing plans for Clinton schools and businesses to do the same. In the sea of red at Fulton High School, students express their strong bonds to the fallen and injured firefighters. On a day when even the clouds shed tears, homes in Fulton, Illinois send their sympathy to neighbor Clinton, Iowa.

Through Fulton High School’s Community Involvement work-study program, seniors spend time at the Clinton firehouse as part of a classroom to learn and work toward a career as a firefighter.

Senior Larson Barnett said, “Eric [Hosette] taught me everything on the truck and what it does, and it was a really great experience, and I went on a lot of calls with Adam, and he’s just a great guy and helped me a lot.”

The wear red campaign also happened in Goose Lake and Columbus Junction, Iowa, and Morrison, Illinois.