Hello my name is Lisa a Paramedic in Florida. I am asking for a favor ! My Husbands Father Retired from station 117.  His last name is Christ! Many years ago! But Keith Followed in his Fathers footsteps and has been in the Fire service for almost 30 years. I am trying to get a Shirt or something for him for his Birthday and soon Retirement that I will be bringing him back to the Station where is Father brought him to as a young man and told him every day I do whatI do Cause  I Love it ! And that’s why he has done what he Loves ! Service to his community and the Love of the Job! Brother Hood when you go out to Fight and make sure All come back Home to their Families! We live in St.Cloud Florida and would love to send shirts for exchange! This would mean the world to him as He also wears is Dads shield probably on his arm! Thank you for your time and Service if you can Help with this request I would really appreciate it! May God be with you today and Tomorrow and Never Leave one Behind! God Bless Lisa Frederick.

Lisa Frederick (lisaparamedic18@gmail.com)