Excerpts from Foxillinois.com:

There’s a boost in Springfield’s training for responding to an active threat. National standards are changing as the country sees bigger and more horrific incidents across the nation.

The Las Vegas shooting killed 58 people and injured 851. This week, 5 people were shot dead at a Maryland newspaper. Now local law enforcement is teaming up to enhance active threat training.

The fire department is collaborating with police and other emergency departments to refine the response. New national standards from the National Fire Prevention Association call for having a unified command, integrated response, and a planned recovery. Readjusting training is a part of an evolution. Over the many shootings, multiple deaths happen after the incident through blood loss. 

The new concept calls for people in the community to learn first aid, like CPR and how to stop someone’s bleeding. The fire department wants to have blood stop kits in certain buildings across the city.

The departments are also working on upgrading the response to situations at our local schools.

This Rescue Task force effort, of police and fire working together, is sparked by the NFPA. They just released a new roadmap for emergency responders. In it, it reads about how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an active threat, like an active shooter or stabbing.