Excerpts from source unknown:

Based upon the feedback from the city council after the July 2017 presentation, the fire department began researching available stock units within the fire apparatus industry. Manufacturers were requested to provide information on available units that had base capabilities like our existing vehicle (i.e. 300-gallon water tank, 2000 gpm pump, 100 ft. tower ladder, minimum ground ladder storage of 198 ft., 10 kW generator, and compartments configured closely to the existing vehicle to accommodate current equipment).

Six manufacturers that commonly sell aerial tower ladders were contacted and only two manufacturers responded with available vehicles. Several manufacturers made no effort to respond after multiple inquiries on our behalf and others indicated that they had no stock units available. The two responding companies with available units that meet or exceed our base needs were Pierce and E-One. The following are the vehicles that were quoted:

E-One provided two vehicles (Vehicle #1 – Sales price: $1,096,064.00 and Vehicle #2 – Sales price: $1,022,282.00) with a quoted trade-in value for our current vehicle of $225,000.00.

Pierce provided one vehicle (Sales price: $1,190,100.00) with a quoted trade-in value for our current vehicle of $400,000.00.

Based upon the information jointly reviewed by fire department administration and Fleet Maintenance Superintendent Sam Webb, it is recommended that the City of Wheaton purchase the stock tower ladder quoted by Pierce for $1,190,100.00 and trade-in the existing vehicle for $400,000.00 which would result in a net sales price of $790,100.00. The quoted vehicle is closely matched in design to our current vehicle and it will directly meet our operational needs. The delivery date is 60-90 days from execution of the agreement. 

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Per the memo they are ordering a Pierce Velocity 100′ tower ladder with 2000/300 as of Mar 2018