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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released the latest edition of it’s “U.S. Firefighter Injuries” report, which highlights data on injuries sustained by firefighters on duty in 2016. The statistics were collected from fire departments responding to NFPA’s annual U.S. Fire Experience survey.

There were 62,085 U.S. firefighter injuries in 2016, reflecting an 8.8 percent decrease from 2015, making this the lowest rate of injury since 1981, when NFPA began analyzing firefighter injury data. Of those injuries, 19,050 (30.6 percent) resulted in lost time.

The leading injury types in 2016 were: Strains, sprains and/or muscular pains (52.6 percent), and wounds, cuts, bleeding, and bruising (15.2 percent) 

Firefighters were more likely to be injured on the fireground resulting in 24,325 (39.2 percent) of the firefighter injuries.  The leading cause of injury during fireground operations was overexertion and strain (27.1 percent). Injuries also occurred off the fireground. Other types of duty that resulted in firefighter injury were:

  • Non-fire emergency incidents (20.6 percent)
  • Other on-duty activities (18.2 percent)
  • Training activities (13.7 percent)

While responding to or returning from an incident an estimated 15,425 collisions occurred involving fire department emergency vehicles resulting in 700 firefighter injuries (8.4 percent).

There were also 9,275 documented exposures to infectious diseases (e.g., hepatitis, meningitis, and HIV) in 2016, along with an estimated 36,475 documented exposures to hazardous conditions (e.g., asbestos, chemicals, fumes, and radioactive materials). The documented exposures to hazardous conditions represents a 34 percent increase as compared to 2015. 

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New tanker for Plainfield FPD

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce Plainfield FPD, IL 31053

Plainfield FPD pumper tanker

Pierce composite

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New home for Hinsdale fire truck

Clearwater Paper Mill Fire Department

thanks Dennis

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New engine for Mattoon

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A combination rescue pumper that will take the place of two vehicles in the Mattoon Fire Department’s fleet is scheduled to be put into service on Monday.

The E-ONE rescue pumper has a 780-gallon water tank on a Typhoon chassis. The front bumper has a hydraulic cutter and spreader connected to an on-board hydraulic pump … and there is a remote control light tower. 

The city purchased the $564,626 rescue pumper with the help of a $285,715 Assistance to Firefighters grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Fire Chief Tony Nichols said he submitted the grant application on March 3, 2016, and received word on May 20, 2016, that money was awarded to purchase the new truck.

The fire department had been saving money get a new truck, but the grant was needed to make this purchase possible. The chief had applied for grant funding three to four times in past years without success. 

Now that the new rescue pumper is entering service, the department plans to sell its 1978 rescue truck and a 1987 engine online. The department’s 1993 rescue and 1998 engine will be kept in reserve.

From the Banner Fire Equipment Facebook page:

From Craig Hamrick’s post: Delivery day for Mattoon Rescue Engine 21!
This is the day that seems an eternity in coming, but makes all of the meetings and pre-build worth it. This is not only a beautiful rig, but is super functional as well. Thank you Mattoon Fire for trusting E-ONE and Banner Fire Equipment to build this awesome rig for you.

Mattoon FD Rescue Engine 21

photo from the Banner Fire Equipment Facebook page

Mattoon FD Rescue Engine 21

photo from the Banner Fire Equipment Facebook page

Mattoon FD Rescue Engine 21

photo from the Banner Fire Equipment Facebook page

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