Excerpts from foxnews.com: 

A Georgia mom said she was heartbroken when no one showed up at her autistic son’s 7th birthday.

“He kept saying his friends were just getting ready, going to get presents, that’s why they were late,” Amanda Bridges said, adding that her son invited everyone in his class.

When Holden realized none of his classmates showed up to his party, he started crying. So his father did the first thing he could think of – he flagged down a passing fire truck and asked Ware County firefighters if they could stop by the party.

The firefighters ended up showing up in a fire truck, along with several EMTs, two ambulances, and several police officers. They brought Holden presents, a fireman’s hat, and a badge.

“He was super excited,” Ware County Fire Lt. Drew Mccarthy said. “His daddy said he always wanted to be a firefighter, so that made it special.”

Now, Holden also wants to be a police officer and EMT.

Amanda said what could have been a lonely birthday for Holden became one of his most memorable.

“We were all crying, it was very emotional for all of us,” Amanda said. “My son has always been my hero, but they are our new heroes.”

In a Facebook post, Amanda thanked all the emergency personnel who showed up at her son’s birthday party. The post has been liked and shared thousands of times.

“They didn’t do it for any rewards or recognition,” she said, “they did it out of the kindness of their hearts.”

From Amanda Bridges’ Facebook page:

The Ware County Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMTs will always have a special place in this momma’s heart. When no one showed up at my Autistic son’s party, my husband had to leave due to being upset himself, but also because he couldn’t find his phone which he thought was at our nearby house. While he was out, he saw a fire truck and flagged it down. He explained to the firemen the situation with Holden’s party and asked if they could stop by. The firemen stated that they would love to, but they had to get permission first. Well, when they showed up, it was beyond our wildest imagination. They had called in some more reinforcements and brought a police officer and emts. The firemen even brought him a birthday gift. Holden said the firefighters are his heroes and they brought him the best birthday gift ever!! He now wants to be a firefighter, police officer, and emt when he grows up. Thank you Ware County fire, police, and emt departments!! You guys made a little boy’s bad day into a memorable one with all the adults in tears!!