Excerpts from spy.new.Com:

Next week, the Oswego Fire Protection District will become the first department in the State of Illinois to be named a, purple heart department. 

Kendall County and communities like Oswego, Montgomery, Plano, and others have received the designation that is meant to honor those in communities who have served in the military. 

In a news release, Oswego fire officials say the honor will be given on Monday at 6:00 p.m. at the board of trustees meeting at Oswego Fire Station #1. 

A proclamation will be read, dedicating the department as a purple heart department, a plaque will be presented and a parking sign will be placed out in front of the station, dedicating a, purple heart parking spot. 

Officials say that along with the organization, “Quilts of Valor,” a quilt of valor will be presented to members of the fire department who have served in the military. 

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