Excerpts from ABC7Chicago.com:

Members of the Chicago Fire Department paid a special surprise visit to a 4-year-old boy who loves firefighters and has terminal cancer. Firefighters and paramedics from the 11th Battalion gathered at a home in Gladstone Park for an urgent request to visit Mason Orchard.

“We couldn’t bring him to the truck, so we literally brought the truck to him. So that’s why you saw the basket right up to his window, they were literally inches away from him,” said Asst. Deputy Commissioner Timothy Sampey.

The boy was a bit overwhelmed with the show of support from Chicago firefighters. He has been battling cancer for years, and last week doctors discovered the child was in the final stage of his life. Mason is a hockey and soccer player. He was even attending preschool until three weeks ago. And he always wanted to be a firefighter. Friday, he was made an honorary firefighter.

And in case Mason didn’t hear the battalion on the way in, they put on a show as they left with lights and sirens.

The visit comes at a tender time for the family.

“As soon as they left I said ‘Oh that was so nice,’ and he said ‘Yeah!’ And I said ‘Are you tired?’ and he said ‘Yeah, I’m tired,’ I said, ‘But did you like it?’ and he said ‘Yeah I liked it.’ ” said Magdalena Zasadinska, Mason’s mother.

“He’s been a fighter, and they’re fighters, and it’s just real special for them to come here,” said Micah Orchard, Mason’s father.

The new commission took a lot of Mason’s energy, as afterward Chicago’s newest firefighter took a rest. With love and support he will fight another day.

Truck 55 was the only crew missing from the battalion, out on an emergency call instead. One of Mason’s mother’s cousins requested one firefighter visit him, but once the department learned about him they wanted to do more.

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